Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Ok lads but what if everyone did it? Where would you draw the line? This group are the most successful the game has known. They know what works for them. No distractions. Maybe everyone understands that. I’m sure some guys like Fenton and Kilkenny have all sorts of things offered to them but they say no. Some other lads did things like Toughest Trade that didn’t go down to well. I’d not question anything in this group - I think they’ve proved themselves.


I can t see how Gavin would have a problem with the documentary if he was ok with Jayo s book. And I presume he was considering Sherlock stayed on the management team after the book was released. The documentary was focused on Sherlock s life story which is interesting in itself.


From a completely different base, so no comparison.
It’s alright though, put it down to those all-nighters you’re often doing, makes yer brain go squishy.


I wonder was Jim Gavin happy about the book? Sherlock brought up the spitting incident with Paddy Delaney in book. I’d say JG would have been close to Paddy(both Towers men) and even spoke at his funeral.


Jason Sherlock has always had a very high profile media presence. Jim Gavin knew that when he brought him on board. I seriously doubt if he expected Jayo to live the life of monk media wise, when he joined the back room team. Be careful & cautious in what he says about his involvement with the Dublin panel yes, but never have a single thing to do with the media or press at all, for as long as he is involved with the panel? That’s a bit of a tall order imo. Would someone as smart as Jim Gavin really be making those kinds of demands?


I don’t think anybody demands anything. You join up. You understand. You buy in. I don’t think it’s hard to fathom Jim G’s ethos at this stage. We are a sub radar outfit. Always.


Then by that logic, no one is allowed go rogue & go off & write their own book, or make their own documentary, or do a press tour, or go on The Late Late…because it’s all about The Collective and one is allowed go off & do solo runs, or they’ll have to face the consequences? How do Philly’s off the field activities & media profile blend into that mindset so?


Hasn’t played much lately …


I think Jayo was generous in his attitude considering he was the victim of a disgusting incident. Club loyalty is fine but you have to draw the line somewhere.


From what I’ve heard, once doc aired, concerns were immediate about the use of Dublin GAA footage.
Aside from that, quotes like “I never gave up on Dublin GAA, it gave up on me” don’t fit the current thought process or that of Dublin guys/greats/GAA legends who went before but who accepted that time waits for no man.


I think it’s also wrong to imagine a despotic type figure calling all the shots. The players very much drive the standards among themselves. No way would they have achieved so much if this was not the case. They are not sheep. They understand the sacrifices they make and the collective that is required. A lot of people don’t seem to get that point.


Fair enough so. Just think he was an odd choice for a member of the back room team in the first place then so, if they were looking for someone to just blend into the background when he came on board. I can 100% understand why they would want him to, but he can’t change who he is, his past or peoples (and the media’s) interest in him. Sooner or later something would have to give.

If he is that valuable on the training pitch, or on match day (and the speed with which he became Maor Faoirne would lead one to believe that he is) it’s a pity if a agreement couldn’t be reached, that all parties are agreeable to.


Nail on head!


You agree with Dub09 or you want to attack him with a hammer ?


Jeez, I’m not sure now!


“I never gave up on Dublin GAA, it gave up on me”

Bit of truth in that. How we could have done with Jayo and Ciiaran Whelan in the last 15 mins agajnst Cork in 2010. That All Ireland’ was ours.


Perhaps, but i think it would have changed the dynamic of the years that followed.


No truth in it at all. Every player’s time is up at some point. Some of our best ever players can’t make the bench currently . They won’t be arguing Dublin GAA “gave up on them” The game doesn’t give up on anybody - you give up on it because your body is finished .

Ciaran and Jayo were done the year before . Plain as day against Kerry in 2009.

I would have loved to see Whelan get an AI as he was a top player and a fantastic warrior and showed his club proper respect throughout his career despite umpteen offers to go elsewhere but it just wasn’t meant to be.


I am banning the word “Alluded” . . . Pisses me right off


Proper bloody order.

What’s wrong with a simple “As Pat/Joe/Colm just SAID” ?

All this ‘alluded to’ crap pisses me off no end too.