Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


This is true.


I know that but the headline is purposely misleading in my opinion:

“Exclusive: Sherlock gone from Dublin camp as Connolly return looms”…

You can see how anyone who didn’t read the article could put 2+2 together and get 5.


For sure. All Diarmo said was I am not going back until that basketballer goes - give him an auld Renault to sweeten him on the way. And then you have all this nonsense. :laughing:


But the media are always trying to contact Jim or the Co Board for opinions and statements on all kinds of things. They usually meet a stony wall of silence. Doesn’t mean that they are confirming or denying whatever shytehawkery the newspaper/radio show/blog are trying to peddle, no?


I can’t argue with that. I think there is truth in it Jayo and his possible departure.


Agree about Scully. Howard and Fenton not the right balance in midfield for me but accepted that MDMA no longer a full game option I assume. However that’s my preferred pairing.

IF DC was trying to come back I’m sure he will be acutely aware he would have to fight very hard for a spot, like everyone. And getting back to the level he was at, at this stage of his career, even physically, is a long road.


Big difference that summer, he was playing and training as hard as anyone til the suspension, and reportedly kept training as hard or even harder. He Shirley hasn’t done as much as that since, certainly not in terms of panel training games standard, or national league games.


It would be great to see him back in the famous blue and white.


Which was in the summer . Its Febuary now…


No doubt Jayo played his role in the All Ireland wins . However there can only be one chief.

I’ve no particular liking of Jayo personally. Had a very successful club career with Na Fianna and ditched them when the going got tough. Something about that just never sat well with me- hinted at just looking after number one .
His stint with the Dublin minors showed how difficult being the guy in charge really is. If Jim felt he really needed him - he’s still be involved.

Unfair to link this to the Connolly return to the panel. I’ve no doubt Gavin took a look at Mayo last weekend and decided to himself we might need something different this year.

Anyway in a weeks time it’s old news


I would be absolutely certain there is no link between the two. Nor is the fact that Diarmuid back with Vincents in any way something that has anything to do with Dublin. That will be something else entirely. If it happens.


Sherlock and Connolly,one a non story at this time, are completely unrelated.

I had heard after recent Sherlock documentary that there were “concerns” in Dublin GAA circles over some of the filming access.
I suspect the Parnell park ordered hit was delayed somewhat to avoid a link. The DC story also diluted the impact of jayo exit as people will move on quickly if there are stories of a DC return.


100% correct.


Glad you agreed. I can never agree with Alan on anything, but I agree with you agreeing with Alan! :grin:


I agree.


You made the reference to his situation that summer by way of comparison…


The bit about 5/6 months prep must have slipped by ya …blame it on the time zone .


What is there to be concerned about in that documentary though from a Dublin set up point of view?


Depends on how paranoid you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it was that it wasn’t pre approved.