Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


How did you cope with Saipan ?


Cared even less




If he keeps progressing at the same rate, he could be in for ‘player of the year’. His movement is among the best in the game and with the rare gift of being in the right place at the right time. I think his star will shine even brighter this year.


Now that matters


Could it be rumours that Jayo leaving the set up too? Seems to me OTB are just stirring here


The fact that no one from Gavin’s team answered any of the media queries particularly around Jayo would lead me to think that there could be some truth in it. I hope not. I do hope but its only hope that DC is coming back into the fold. But I think deep down this will not happen.


What media queries?

Was there a press conference where they were asked about Jayo specifically & they declined to answer?


I admire Jim Gavin massively for giving absolutely nothing to the press . It’s not worth it.

We wouldn’t have won 5 all Ireland’s under his management if he had to entertain the press also


I saw it and can’t remember anything that would cause JG/the Team/County Board to be offended by,… This is probably the media looking for a reason why he left.

Just have a look at Jayo’s twitter page, it’s banner pic is him, Jim & Declan. If there was a falling out he’d have changed that.


Diarmuid Connolly isn’t back? What’s the story with Jayo? Seems odd to move on at this stage of the season? If he stepped away in December or just after the all Ireland nobody would bat an eye.


Could have done that - Denis bastic was on the team holiday after he retired last year. maybe just not making a song and dance about it.


Mick Deegan stepped away without a word too. It’s the way it’s done. Fresh faces, fresh ideas. No big deal.


I think the way the two stories are put together today that it’s purposely done to suggest Jayo and Dermo had a falling out and in order for Dermo to return Jayo had to go.

There is no substance to any article but the headline is purposely misleading in my opinion, possibly to try force a clarification on from the Dublin camp.


Super! Running a business communications course next week, might just use that as an exercise​:wink::facepunch:


They tried to contact Gavin, the panel spokesperson and DCB. No one was available for comment. Not that I give a rats. I hope its all a pile of shite except for Dermo coming back.


Mick stepped away for personal matters . But I know what u mean.


I think you are wrong here my friend :wink:


That’s the issue with these idiots ,when they can’t get an official answer they issue their own …


The two are not connected in any way at all.