Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


I know we cant read too much into , and probably a huge reach here , but was it not a good sign to see him going to the game at the weekend ?


Don’t see what the turn around would be, the official line has always been that the door is open.


Thats whats been put out in the ether , id say theres alot more to it behind closed doors .


No. Same last year. He was at games. If he’s back with Vincent’s that would be some kind of sign but as of last Sunday he wasn’t. So unless something happened in the last few days.


Very underrated player who really stepped up last year. Has scored a lot of vital goals too. 7-18 in 29 championship/league games for Dublin.


Oh, it wouldn’t be easy. But it’s hard to leave Jack, McCarthy, Small, O Sullivan etc out in the half backs. But it’s a good problem…


Unfortunately Cian hasn’t been at best the last 12 months. Small is marked man with referees and needs to improve on discipline.


I never really understood why the door wouldn’t be open to be honest. A guy left the panel for a year, that’s it. It has been done up and down the country by players and was never really remarked on. Sure, it’s a litttle less usual with a winning team, but it happens.


No. Same last year. He was at games. If he’s back with Vincent’s that would be some kind of sign but as of last Sunday he wasn’t. So unless something happened in the last few days.


I hear he was back last night. Good news for Vincent’s. Be interesting to see what happens next.


Maybe it has , great news tbh . Wont be hounded out of the game.


Maybe they are extrapolating from Connolly’s return to Vincent’s that a return to the Dublin set up is next. I saw one retweet of an Off the Ball tweet that stated he returned to training but the article he linked to stated he may return. Usual illiterate nonsense from that shower.

We’ll see about Connolly returning (and I hope we do see him back).


The phrase “the door is always open” is something I understand but not something I think that benefits anybody. My opinion is that if he’s coming back (which I doubt) announce it, play him, and get the inevitable circus out of the way and let him focus on his game.

If he’s not coming back, which I’d expect to be the case, I think it would be better to come out any say that now and put an end to all these articles.

Otherwise, we’re going to continue to have this will he, won’t he be back argument. It will remain in the news as long as there’s any semblance of uncertainty there.

On another note, if he does actually come back there’s got to be a caveat not to expect too much from him. He’s the best footballer I’ve ever seen, but he’s effectively 2 years out of the game now. He wouldn’t be a world beater straight away. I’d imagine it’d take him a bit of time to readjust.


Lets say he is back . And he doesnt have any involvement in the League , he effevtively has 5-6 months to get the prep in. Easily doable with A v B games . He didnt play for a summer and yet turned it on for 35+ minutes in an AI final . And he was playing ball in the States . So its not like he hasnt kicked a ball for the last year .


I don’t disagree that he can get back. More the point is there’ll be media expecting wonders from him immediately. One poor performance and it will be exaggerated by the media.

Also wouldn’t class the summer in Boston as something that can be used as a base for inter county football. Huge difference between the 2


To be fair, the Dublin camp didn’t didn’t create this circus, Jim has always stated if a player wants to leave for whatever reason, ( Kilkenny , Jack Mc for example went away ) let them off, he never said Dermo was gone for good or the door was closed on him, he’s more or less said ■■■■ all about it, like he does most times and he’s right. Let other clowns say or write what they like. Hopefully we’ll be see’n Dermo on the pitch this year where he belongs and not in the stands, but what a boost to have in the drive for 5. Ath Cliath Abu


There’s a difference of course, but it’s not junior B stuff either. It’s hard to compare because you can have a team with 5 good standard county players, 6 decent senior club players and 4 lesser standard players. There are very good players in New York and Boston.

What is different is the fitness level. But the county guys are expected to bring that. So of course it isn’t county standard, but it’s not a chasm either.


I wasnt making that point . It was more like if had of been out for the year say with an injury and hasnt kicked a ball . Hes a supreme atlethe and id say it wouldnt take him long to get back into the swing if things. Id say the A v B games are more competitive than anything in Leinster .
As for the media , sure what difference does that make . If youd believe them , Keegan has had him in his pocket for the last couple of years the years they have played each other . It wasnt uncommon for DC to have so so games in the past .


He’s not back with Dublin lads, and very unlikely to be in future.


This had me drooling.

But this was the big jug of ice cold water I’d been expecting tbh. Call it self-preservation on my part.

For the media onslaught he received for having shot a linesman - he did, didn’t he? - they don’t half love putting two and two together & coming up with 231.


I have an absolutele pain in my arse with the will he won’t he bullshit