Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Never realised that. Puts a different perspective on the tweet.


Maybe just doing the doc? On the back of being involved?


Is it Jim Gavin over us or Sir Jim McGuiness??


I don’t think people should assume that this is down to JG alone.


Jesus surely a man can do a documentary and not have to worry about being booted off the back room team. I highly highly doubt the documentary had anything to do with it.


yeah but , its in the paper - its leaked from a management team who are as tight as a ducks arse.

Must be true - right !!!


maybe its just tactical. god forbid that switching a coach could be for playing reasons!


It is a GAA thing though to take the only two pieces of knowledge available and assume they are the only relevant things. Sherlock did a documentary and Sherlock left the management team (maybe). So they must be connected.

Never mind that there are a milllion other things going on in people’s lives that drive the need for change.

There is an intelligence test I read about recently where job applicants were given two facts and told to draw a picture from it. For example - a tall man picked a ball from a tree. People who drew a guy reaching very high up in the tree lost marks. No one ever said the ball was high up. They took two facts and extrapolated facts that weren’t there (knowing they were in an exam situation also where the obvious probably wasn’t the answer).


It’s also an Irish thing for people to talk. People who know things. There was an intelligence test recently where job applicants were given two facts. One team got all the funding and won all the trophies.


DC doing 1 on 1 sessions with Bryan Cullen. . … . they probably went for a kick around together as they live beside each other


Sherlock leaves , DC comes back . Twitterati will be spinning with that idea .


If Connolly is back, or on the way back, it would be really good news. A half forward line of Howard, Kilkenny and Connolly would be one of the best of all time.


If Connolly comes back in Howard will probably go to centre back.


When i read that this morning , i got the same fuzzy feeling when i heard Kilkenny was coming back from Australia . This is some turn around from management if it comes to pass .


Could be, but I think he has more to offer as a forward. Not dissing defenders, but some of that skill level he has would be sort of wasted in defence (says he offending every defender on here !)


I remember someone putting it on here that Kilkenny was coming back and the next 10 people told him he was an eejit. I can’t remember who it was, or if they are still here, but they had a great ‘I told you so’ moment.


So you leave Brian H there. Who loses out then. CK? Mannion? Deano? Scully? Con? Puts CC firmly back on the bench. Kev Mc and Paddy slogging away - McHugh, Basquels … and now maybe they are further down the pecking order. May not be as easy as people think …


Lets hope this one is true too !


Can’t see Scully being dropped from half forward line. He’s nailed down that place for me.

Howard to midfield most likely I think.


If he is back with Vins that only happened literally in the last couple of days. As of last Sunday as per a member of the Vins SF team he had not come back to training. I’d be much more interested in his return to the club. Then we can talk about dublin.