Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Wtf . A non Dublin player getting a sponsored car. Is that within the culchie moan about Dublin rule book


Martin carney must’ve been dumped by RTE , dont think he did any commentary for them , it must be said.


He doesn’t actually end up driving that yoke around with his name plastered on the door, does he? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

Insert stereotypical Kerryman joke here


It’s all great they get the stuff. But the days of sacrifice for the county are gone with the big counties. It is a financial advantage now to be playing county stuff (again, with the bigger counties). It has to be done to drive on the standard I know, and to compete with other sports. But it is going to change the dynamic of players claiming they are amateur when they get criticized by pundits etc. The anomaly of it has already been pointed out with drug testing where players claimed their amateur status shouldn’t mean out of competition testing. I read one columnist recently question this on the grounds of how amateur are they really?

Anyway, it is what it is. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle now.


I think Langan is very good, makes the odd mistake but seems genuinely interested and invested in the games. Mossy is a good ally too. Very impressed with the coverage of these games, high quality.

DCU had no Dublin players starting outfield, that must be a first. Had a tonne on the bench. For UCD Gavin is really staking a claim, he’s done everything right the past few months to put himself in the frame. Would imagine he will fill out a bit too. Cian O’Connor going well too, seems to have jumped above his teammate Cillian O’Shea in the pecking order. Really benefited from Crokes Champo run last year, I don’t think he was mapped before then.


The smallest tinyest proportion are getting cars , I’ve stood firm since my son was on a minor panel , currently plays colleges , never received anything but good training and a tracksuit , anyone went near my lad looking for a sample and there’d be hell to pay , at what stage is testing out of tournament acceptable ? When a lad playing minor is doing his LC , and under 20 doing first year exams in DIT etc the anti - doping brigade were not talking inter county senior panel only, what ever pays your mortgage defines if your amateur, a tiny proportion get the bells and whistles even then within a county it’s a small minority of a squad


News on the wireless tgis morning Jason Sherlock stepping away from tge management team and the messiah (Dermot Connolly) back training with squad doing sessions with Bryan Cullen. No source link yet and not April 1st so wait and see …


First I had heard last weekend - second I heard back training with Vins.


Tis only the mirror so wouldnt put the house on it.


OTB also reported but could be a copy & paste job


Wow . Thats some developments if true .


Did notice that Jayo wasn’t doing his usual pitch entries last week


Not sure the issue was solely with Jim. Dermo training with the club is a distance from training with the county. There are a lot of factors to consider before that happens I’d imagine. This is a very tight and driven group. They don’t let anything disturb that dynamic. [See Jayo.]


Thought I saw PC on the pitch at one stage on Saturday. Is he likely to be directly replacing Jayo or will they bring someone else in to coach the attack? It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a noticeable change in approach, although I assume that comes from Jim anyhow.
I didn’t see the Jayo Doc - what was in it that could’ve been a ‘tipping point’?

I would say all parties are hedging their bets on the DC return - given the history, it could just as easily come to nothing. But what a boost an in-form DC would be (at least until he’s benched for the AI Semi Final :grin:)
Oh, and either DC or Eric will defo have to go blonde!


You are right, but the small minority arguement is a difficult one to make stick. If even one person gets something it opens up the whole thing, and all senior county players get very decent mileage allowances.

It is the same with doping. We would have a strong arguement against no dope testing if no one was ever caught doping intentionally. But that gobshite in Monaghan who did dope and was caught has taken away that arguement.

I think when it comes to senior inter-county there is little they can argue against it. Even if it’s only the very top guys who make anything substantial from it, the potential is there for all of them.


The UCD run is going to hold Gavin back though. Dublin probably won’t play anyone that is still in the Sigerson from now until it’s over. He might get a few minutes, but probably not a full game.

But Gavin (Jim) never seems to like the big powerful / bulky midfielder. Foley from Clontarf was the mainstay at midfield on that u21 team that won the ‘17 All Ireland (Howard didn’t always play midfield) and he hasn’t got a look in to date. Darren Gavin only came on for him when he was injured in the final and he is the one getting the game time. But Gavin is very mobile, a good tackler and he can take a score. He seems level headed on the ball too.


Timing would seem odd considering Jayo tweeted this 4 days ago


Don’t think the doc had anything in it to ruffle feathers tbh. It was kinda along the lines of Philly’s book i.e. little mention of the current senior footballers set-up.


That would confirm it more so - Alan brogan and a few other ex county players are sponsored by renault - the do sports road shows in the summer


Absolutely nothing.
It does seem true that he’s gone, but I’ve no doubt the bit about the documentary helping to cause it was completely made up. Probably by someone who didn’t see the doc!