Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Heard the Billy Joe interview thought it honest enough , he was clear that for Mayo to be successful they would need a lot to fall into place , in addition he played Dubs huge compliments he also thought there was a big overreaction to defeat to Monaghan


Oisin Langan is brutal

He just pipes up with random sh1te


I think the opposite to be honest, I think he’s very good. It’s hard to keep us all happy I guess!

Darren Gavin doing v well


I don’t think he adds anything and doesn’t know the rules.

Calling for black cards when clearly yellow etc… had mentioned the weather at least 20 times, Martin King doesn’t mention it as much.


Comerford has been brilliant for DCU.


Darren Gavin had great game. 4 points from play.


He made a couple good saves on Con. Kickouts were good too.


Ah yeah, but he said he was wrong. But it’s just what people like in a commentator I guess. I like his style, other people like other styles. There is no right or wrong (unless someone likes Ger Canning - then they just wrong :grinning:).


I wouldn’t be amazed if we had a summer midfield of Fenton and Gavin. Gavin seems a very intelligent footballer with a big range of skills.


Watched him playing for Lucan a couple years ago . A very fit man who gets up and down the pitch. Didn’t think he would be inter county but definitely upped his game. Has benefited from playing a couple a years of Division one football with club which his club mate Emmett O’Conghaile could have done with.


I still think O Conghaile is too good not to be inter county. But thems the breaks I guess…


O’Conghaile never pushed on from 2012. Not as mobile as likes of Fenton or Gavin for Jim Gavin game plan. Seen him in a couple club games for Lucan, drifts in and out of games. He would make a decent full forward. Think he better footballer than Darren Gavin but pace is the name of the game now.


Some fielder of a ball though. One of the most classical fielding styles I have ever seen.


That’s him… I mentioned last week about an analyst TV3 had on Ireland AM talking about the AI Quarter Finals and after 5-10 mins of giving his ‘expert’ opinion, he was asked so if both of these teams win today (they were talking about Dublin & Tyrone) who are they likely to meet in the SF and he was completely dumbfounded, he hadn’t a clue… and just said “Oh I’m not sure, I just take it one game at a time” …

It was pre Super 8’s and the SF pairing were known a year in advance (were both provincial champs to win) and he hadn’t a breeze…

It was wrecking my head who it was but it was the bould Oisin.


In fairness to the guy he actually plays the game (with K Crokes), so he must know something.

I find his commentary on the club championship very good where he can throw in a lot of knowledge about the clubs and players.

I get where his style might not be for everyone, but I have never thought a lack of knowledge of the game was an issue to be honest. People can be thrown a bit in live situations, personally if you asked me my name on live TV I’d probably struggle, but I think his core all round knowledge is good.


It’s a fairly basic question to be honest and he wasn’t a novice broadcaster.

As it happens I see he’s left Newstalk and joined a Sports Marketing and Sponsorship company.

and I don’t think playing the game in any way qualifies people to have knowledge on it… you only have to listen to the likes of Dessie Dolan, Bernard Flynn and Martin Carney…


The Martin Carney / Bernard Flynn argument is a strong one right enough! (I happen to like Dolan though). I don’t think Langan claims to be a super expert, actually he is very self effacing on most stuff like that. He did make a mistake on a yellow card / black card thing last night and said, more or less, he was just trying to spoof his way out of it as he realised it was a mistake. RTE guys would just carry on and double down on the mistake.

But I like his style in commentary. I wasn’t mad about him as a presenter, I thought he was too much into that pseudo psycho analysis of sport that OTB specialises in. But as a commentator, he would be one of my favourite ones, But as I said above somewhere, what some people like, others wont…


Dolan knows what he’s talking about in the main, and that is driven from his experience with the game.

All he needs is a decent suit to be taken seriously.


Surely they should have got young David a bigger vehicle seeing as will be carrying the team for the foreseeable future …


Jesus I wish I was better at gaa