Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


I hope your joking .


Of course! Just slagging Joe a wee bit that he devotes so much of his airtime to Mayo!


I doubt it. Molloy’s parents are both from Mayo. He freely admits to having a lot of grá for them. (Mayo, I mean. Not his parents.) Hence all the air time they get. Also explains why he makes zero effort to reign in Nathan Murphy’s more deranged ramblings.


It all falls into place …


“Anto”? :roll_eyes:


Hoganstand are so lazy with their articles. John Fogarty from the Examiner always giving out about them coping stuff from his paper.


The Blue Panther was a Synger man to, not a Vins man as alluded to in the post!!! Lazy is not the word.


It could be three in a row after they meet the Cavan slashers in McHale park this weekend. I predict a creamfest on Off the Boil come Monday.

To be fair, we can’t blame the players or their county following for them being the designated people’s champion. Personally, I think we play the villains role with panache.


I appreciate your point of view on this. DC’s choices last year were his own and, probably consequential of 2017. Jim not picking DC for the most part of the 2017 Championship was not JG’s or DC’s decision.


Papers don’t refuse ink - Fair play to mayo if they are having a good rattle at the league but if Kerry win at the weekend the hype overdrive will switch to the Kerry young guns.

Its not the players fault , its not the managers fault , the proper/realistic supporters in those county’s will see it for what it is - promising starts but bigger tests ahead. the band-wagoners will loose their shit and its the years that Sam is heading west or to the kingdom.


and wouldn’t it be just lovely heading in to the AI series with commentators suggesting we’re not the force we once were while Kerry and Mayo were flying it and a real threat to us.


A win-win whatever the outcome, but I still expect victory in what is likely to be a dogfight. Were we to win 10-8, for example, there will still be high praise for a young Kerry that held the Dubs to such a low score.


Would suit me all day long


apparently the orange lad from mordor was on hogan stand blowing smoke up the arse of Mayo as well, based on the Tyrone match.

the rest of the media going ah sure of course dublin beat galway it was in croke park.

being fair, i caught a few seconds of the boilers on monday night and the host was admonishing kevin kilbane for getting too excited, saying he saw us on saturday night and nobody is near us.

speaking of the boilers, check out the morning boil last week on the rugby on the you tube and the reactions…


Ah Kevin Kibane… the Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.


Monghan provided beyond all reasonable doubt that Dublin cannot win outside Croker so maybe Dublin should not be allowed to use Croke Park again till they go at least 10 years without winning an All Ireland


I have genuinely no problems with Kevin Kilbane. As passionate about playing for Ireland as anyone. He is obviously a very keen follower of Gaelic Football and, in particular, Mayo. But that doesn’t make him pundit material - and that’s not his fault.
Imagine if the BBC got Michael Vaughan involved with golf?


Billie jo Padden was on newstalk last night on OTB and he praised Dublin to the hilt . Genuine admiration and feels no one will touch them this year again.


Yeah that’s right - they spoke about mayo for a bit and then… The Dubs. Billy a big fan if Scully.



Starting in a few min