Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


There is one third of the Starting XV of the damned right there. Sweet Jebus, can you imagine have to face those lads in one go.

You’d run from the pitch back into the dressing room, only to discover they’ve already eaten your lunch.


I would defend Connolly to the hill but he has shown early days that he can bite when antagonised and then anyone that marked him knew he could react. It was obvious that they would attempt to wind him up every game, not even just the big IC games, Philly was at him during a club match and Westmeath/M**th would do it. Let alone Kerry, Tyrone and more frequently Mayo. He showed a potential weakness and they all tried to expose it at every opportunity. Saying that, he took a horrible amount pretty much every game and a very small percentage of the time he would react because it was in him. Gooch got loads of abuse but, as far as I can remember, apart from whinging a little would never hit back. That was the difference.


I use to feel sorry for Galvin. I remember one game against Armagh were they sent the maor uisce on to the pitch to give him a clout.


That was Armagh substitute John Toal that went for Galvin.



He’s getting his own back now with them clothes he’s designing … :smile:


Yep, a sub wearing a maor uisce bib. Toal gave Galvin 2 or 3 digs in the head and the ref gave Galvin his marching orders. I never liked that Armagh team. Too many sneaky whores.


Anything looks better than that Armagh jersey. I sooner wear a Carlow one, or better still, go naked.


Hoganstand with their weekly Diarmuid Connolly headline. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I was him in the AC but didn’t want to bother him … Alan wouldn’t have liked that.


wait - you are Dermo


:joy::joy::joy: Jaysus me dyslexia is kcab!

I meant saw!


Mayo only scored one point in the first half of the league opener against Roscommon. I’ve reliably been informed that the last time that happened was 1951. The five in a row just turned to sand!




Is there an ‘f’?


There is.


Hmmmm :thinking:

Is it ‘frightening’?


Yer bang on there, I heard everyone is workin 24/7 in O Neills right up to the mayo game cause of the amount of jersey’s we’ll need


Love a Mayo love in :heart:


It is!


They had a little love in on news talk Billy Bob padden was given his tuppenny worth. Joe Molloy cursing his luck he was born a lilly and not a mayo man. All the usual deep thinking rolled out as to why mayo have won their opening two matches. Christ it was like an episode of CSI such was the deep analysis. :grin: