Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Yeah kinda of like when dermo touched an official and nice boy Andy touched an official. Both where crucified by the head teacher spillane and both received lengthy bans. That day I threw my blue tinted glasses in the bin said I don’t need you anymore.


I would argue that Connolly got more treatment than the Gooch, not blue tinted glasses, just the fact that there was an idea out there that Dermo was easy to wind up so he was targetted, Gooch was fouled to stop him playing but dont think he was singled out to be wound up.


Agreed a case study in media control by Spillane


I think Spillane was just pissed off the Gooch messiah was out scored by one of our fullbacks.


For me the most bewildering thing about the on field dirt that DC received was the media reaction. At least the Gooch or others got a bit of sympathy from pundits for the thuggery directed their way. DC got the opposite with idiot pundits encouraging the opposition to rise him. Lee Keegan was lauded for pulling, dragging and even a judo throw in his efforts against DC. To the extent where Lee got media sympathy for the black card in a final and player of the year for his wrestling performance. In contrast, our own backs were often demonised for stuff that Lee practiced in his warm up. Lee Keegan is a fine footballer, but he didn’t neutralise DC by playing football and he was never called out on it.


With the height of respect, that is utter nonsense.

Gooch put up with some desperate stuff throughout his career both physical and sledging.

It’s a bit of a pointless argument, DC, who I adore, is a media villian - it won’t change. Media loves to hate him kind of thing.

With other counties, alot to do with what happened outside of football, rightly or wrongly. Easy target.

DC would be the first to admit he has, on occasion been dragged into reacting to special treatment.


As I said outline where Gooch was subjected to this physical abuse.


Yeah hang on there til I trawl through 12 years of games for you.


Looking forward to it


You’re trolling here now LJ, Gooch was the centre of a lot of unwarranted physical attention at games I was at, never mind the hundreds of others that I didn’t attend. I’ve seen Gooch play club and county about 20 times in the flesh, he was constantly targeted.


I’ll give you an easy one. Do you remember the 2005 All Ireland Final?


I’ve seen him play county championship myself in Kerry and I can’t say he got anything I saw DC get in Dublin. Maybe it was just those games I saw but all his opponents were booked and two of them were sent off. For example I saw David Clifford playing a few months ago - and the level of abuse he got was on a par with DC. So maybe it’s a case this is now becoming a large part of team’s preparation . I mean Johnny Cooper isn’t exactly shy from dishing it out both physically and verbally.

I think Gooch got a lot of abuse at county level early doors but I’ve never seen any players ritually targeted like DC before with the consistency. I’m not surprised he’s jacked it in as I think it’s getting worse…


Careful now…you’ll have the Glasnevin Illuminati issuing a fatwa against you, if you dare say anything negative about JC around here. :innocent:


This is all anecdotal stuff, neither of us recorded on our phones the abuse he got. I was at an Gaeltacht vs Crokes a good few years ago, Gooch was in his early 20’s. He was battered off the ball, and got no protection. Still scored a heap of points that day. He was in his prime and kept his cool.

Diarmuid, despite all the adoration I have for his Dublin displays, was the polar opposite to Gooch on and off the field. In club and county.


Back tracking now…

Watch any of the Kerry games versus northern sides in 00s for starters… McMahon came out and admitted he played on the line in 2015…

He has got plenty of clatters against Mayo over the years too.

As Dub09 mentioned, the smack he got in 05 off our favourite Tyrone keeper!

Maybe it says more about DCs reactions to his unwarranted attention? Just a thought…


a single contribution on this (and i believe DC had the worst of the 2 both in shit dished out and sanctions received just for protecting himself- which is legal on the street outside croker btw) but check out the mayo back knocking gooch out cold in the square in the 2006 final without any attempt to play the ball. i was right behind it on the nally and remember thinking it was shocking the way the ref just ignored it. unfortunately, that situation has gotten worse over the years since.


Don’t forget the GPS throwing incident. Bad sportsmanship and portrays a lack of class.
Will never understand how he got POTY over Fenton 2016.


He got a mysterious eye injury after having a wonderful start to the game.


The media latch on to really top class players at times think back to the villans over the years before DC Paul Galvin Ciaran McDonald Graham Geraghty Mark Vaughan Kieran Duff used to get it big time its nothing new really


Wouldn’t be labeling Mark Vaughan as a top class player. :wink: