Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


You’d swear he has died by the way some people are talking about him. Great footballer, yes, but whether or not he wants to play again is up to himself.


We had that same visiual when we won the all Ireland last year. I won’t be liking the visual cluxton retires. And fir the record DC is my all time favourite player. But he is gone and he ain’t coming back.


A finger on a shoulder of the official running the line more than a shove…:wink:


I never saw anyone get as sustained attention and as nasty attention as Connolly did though. Yes, he got it because he refused to accept it and he was a better player for it. Like a lot of forwards, some named above, he didn’t primarily live off loose ball or ball fed to him, he can win it like a midfielder or a half back.

To their shame, a lot of the nasty attention he got was in Dublin too. If someone is pulling out of you and mouthing at you for a whole game, there is no onus on anyone to accept it.


II’d assumed this constant focus on DC playing or not playing would die down but seems a constant fascination with it…all the more odd when there is no real facts to discuss.
People hear carp when Jim Gavin gets asked about it by media and then endless postings here with nothing much ado about any of them.
He’s decided he doesn’t want to play inter county football and in fairness to JG, he’s given as good as explanation as any manager could when referring to endless speculation and duty of care to private individual playing an amateur sport. Measured and respectful and protective while also trying to kill the debate.
I suspect DC had grown weary of the non stop nature of IC and after decade of non stop activity, doesn’t place as much an emphasis on doning a Dublin jersey, collecting medals and 5 in a row as others. He may change his mind, he may not but IC football careers are transient and vast majority of players no matter how good are entirely forgotten by subsequent generations. The important thing is while it’s valued part of life, it shouldn’t become all of a player life,now or in future.


The persecution complex does get to me after a while, we saw what happened to DC because we weren’t blind , we were looking,we were invested,however those same set of eyes missed the crap that the Gooch had to endure his whole career and in Kerry also Why??? Because we didn’t give a shit


Refusing to accept it & being a better player for it, sounds great on paper. Not so great if the day to day reality is hitting the showers early on match day, getting banned for subsequent matches, or getting caught up in lengthy & distracting disciplinary proceedings.

Damothedub is bang on the money. This shite goes on all the time. We just didn’t want to admit it, or we weren’t overly bothered by it as the main victims usually weren’t one of our own.


So, what behaviour on the pitch for Dublin?


I’ll tell you what the difference is, we looked on as Gooch was proclaimed, for the whole of his career, by the whole country except for Tyrone and Armagh, as god’s greatest ever gift to football, who never put a foot or a hand wrong.

And many of us here lauded him as a great player that we loved to watch play. He got virtually no criticism except for his propensity to dive and moan to the ref.
DC did not get hardly any of that sort of accolades outside of us, and we know why but on the field there was precious little reason for people to go after him generally. And they didn’t really. Til he became a huge threat.


Gooch was a huge threat the moment he came out of minor , the treatment he got off Armagh when they win their all Ireland was up their with what Connoly got on his worst day , I won’t disagree he was a media darling it didn’t stop the treatment, but look it’s about opinions


Connolllys sending off record / suspended from games is minimal enough. Apart from the issue with the linesman he rarely missed big games. Actually I don’t know a player who played as many games.

I don’t agree it is blinkered viewing either because he is one of our own. I have never seen any player get so much abuse. I am not talking about the close marking / bit of dragging stuff like Keegan does, and Small on Harte etc. I mean the nasty hits and elbows that happpens him in most games, unfortunately also, if not more so, within Dublin.


How often did he not stay on the pitch, after the 2011 semi-final? In which he was wrongly red-carded for shoving the Donegal player


Tell you what young Alphonsus. Next time you are on your royal throne & can’t find a crossword or Spewan’s latest tome, get out your Google machine and do a birra research.

Look up how many times DC has been:

  • Sent off/black carded/2 yellows
  • Been banned for a match
  • Served a ban for a match
  • Had a suspension over turned
  • Been caught up in messy CCCC/DRA palaver

Then look up the same stats for the 3 players I mentioned above - McManus, Cooper & Canning.

I predict that Dermo will make more appearances on your spreadsheet, than the other 3 combined. (I’ll take no joy in being right mind.)

If I am wrong, I’ll send you a free roll of personalized bog roll, with my face on one side & “Just Say No To Complacency” on the other.

Can’t make you a fairer offer than that.


Hello horse this is water , what do you mean your not thirsty


Lies damn lies and statistics! You’re just jealous of my throne Queen Proud


Gooch had one game against Tyrone in the 2005 AI Final where he had to put up with unwarranted abuse. Eye gouging for example.

Outside that he was given an armchair ride by opponents and referees.

It’s not even a comparison in my view in the context of what you’re saying.


last comment on DC because life’s to short.the game is about opinions as are how we see players, but just because you hold an opinion your not entitled to rewrite history


I’m not rewriting anything.

DC has had far more abuse at both club and county level then Gooch ever had and that’s a fact.

Even when Dublin man marked Gooch out of the 2015 AI Final - he could hardly argue that he was taken out of the game at any stage.

There was always been a bias towards Kerry teams from officials in the GAA. Pure footballers and all that load of nonsense.


Funny how our players are always the persecuted ones & other counties players always get a free ride from the ref/officialdom.

If that’s not a definition of blue tinted glasses, I don’t know what is.


Gooch copped some amount of crap - to suggest otherwise is nonsense.