Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Mossy retired in 2012. :wink:


Your best bet would be to do it yourself through someone that might know a player. I’d go as local as you can to give yourself a chance. You’d probably get Jim easier!


Went to see Bernard Brogan’s talk at the Pendulum Summit yesterday. He did very well in fairness to him given how daunting it must have been to stand up in front of 3,000 people. Anyway he spoke about leadership etc. and gave a few interesting insights in to how Jim works and the attitude inside the Dublin camp.

When talking about Humility he mentioned how privileged the Dubs have been to spend time in the company of the All Blacks over the past few years. He said they’ve adopted something from the All Blacks called “Sweeping the Sheds” and it’s lead by Cluxton. It just basically means that after every training session or match they play, the players all muck in and leave the dressing room spotless after them. No muck, tape, water etc. left lying around. When the cleaners walk in the place is as clean and tidy as before the team arrived.

I hadn’t heard of this before and when googling it this morning see a lot of teams do it, a touch of class all the same and probably not too surprising to hear the current crop we have do it.


Naturally, Vincents starting doing it before anyone else - even the All Blacks.

Just pointing it out to save an outraged Alan the bother. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Japanese footballers do the same



I heard Karren Brady was very good. Were you there for her bit?


where does the buse pick up


passengere of course


Their fans even cleaned the stands after games in the soccer world cup last year.


i lost all interest in going to games for atmosphere after the drought of the 90s and 00s, in summer that is. into the seat now as close as i can get halfway even if its not my seat, headphones on and its like an altered state of being. nobody can ask me anything or even offer me a chip. the daughter says i’m a pain in the hole , an embarrassment or a weirdo, depending on whether we’re winning or losing. and i’m not even one for shouting and roaring. when i go with my mates, i sly off on my own on the way in without telling anyone and then call them afterwards to find out which watering hole. i actually stopped going for a year after 95 cos i didn’t think it was worth putting myself through it anymore. thankfully i’ve grown up a bit since and i can even be all condescending at games now and tell the brother to cop on. and before anyone says it, i did that piece of growing up before 2011.

one thing i will say is siting 4 rows back at halfway for the 2017 final was a new experience. you lose the panoramic thing but what you gain is more than worth it. i never fully appreciated the physical intensity of the big knock-out games when its do or die, and it really is something to behold when you’re right on top of it- think of the 'nell with 83000! i stood around after that game to literally watch the dust settle and the sense of a battle for the ages was absolutely mind-blowing. never experienced anything like it on the hill or up in the cusack (normal spot now) to be honest.


That’s the Kerry in you, not any growing up


Not wanting to be overly critical or anything, but surely the very opposite of humility is to proclaim your humility on social media. It’s a wee bit like nuns from a silent order shouting about it.


Sorry to disappoint you but the article refers to a Vins match in October 2017 Dublin have been cleaning up dressing rooms long before that. Several years in fact.




The Roman’s and Greeks introduced the clean sanitorium long before Bernard brogan ever picked up a sweeping brush.
Fair play to any team that does it but it’s more an issue of why more teams don’t.


One was extracting the pistachio old bean.


Berno talking about Jim Gavin leadership secrets in front of 3000 people. In fairness and not intending to knock it but you’d prefer to hear them from Jim himself but Berno is a good second best


It’s called ‘soji’ in Japan. All school kids or martial arts students etc have to clean their classrooms, dojo or anywhere they use. Its suppose to teach them to value the place they live in.

I bet they don’t have any dog shit on their streets or scumbags dumping in lanes.


So you’re advocating control freak order and discipline? Arbeit Macht Frei…


The player / manager as lifestyle / business guru thing leaves me cold. I like watching these guys play ball, I couldn’t particularly give a shite about what else they get up to. I assume the majority are doing good stuff - but so what, so are most people. Being good at football means you are good at football. Some of the thickest people (and some of the cleverest) I know are good footballers