Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


I think he has all Ireland feile as well.

Not sure he’ll play this year but don’t think it will make difference between winning and losing AI. As good as he can be, gap between Dublin and rest is large even without him. He has played very little football in last 18months and when you lose that edge and game peak, even the best drop back.

I also suspect Gavin won’t want distraction and may want to prove a point that 5 in row is the overall “process” and group not one player.


Vinnies never won a Feile afaik


They have never won a football Feile in dublin but they won the All Ireland in 2000 when it was held in Dublin and all Dublin clubs were invited to play in it. Lucan won Dublin that year. Diarmuid was on that team.


Atmosphere. Granted it’s not what it was pre 2004.


I have a PP terrace. Been trying to get a stand ticket but waiting list is long so hill 16 is for all Ireland’s at least.


Apologies if info elsewhere on thread, but anybody know of buses running to Monaghan/Clones game? Out Blanch, but presume will have to go into Connolly etc. to catch bus. Any info much appreciated.


I’ve heard absolute shit spouted from people that sit in them seats plenty of times . Don’t think the hill is where the fools only go . Plenty of very knowledgeable folk on it .


Sure didn’t the Beatles even write a song about it.


@Signylin Heard a Dublin gaa fans group mention it on Facebook if you give any of them a message they usually reply.
Home of the Dubs and All Dublin gaa fans have helped me before so maybe try them or join a facebook group and ask maybe


You’d be better trying those avenues alright cos you get f*** all help here. Only abuse.


Well theyve helped me before…


Thanks @LucanHill16


I normally go to the stand for the league games and mix it up a bit for the champo. Cheap bastsrd , I know, but I like to get a decent look at the new lads.

The view on the hill is shite except over by the cusack and this the best place because there’s a right bunch of mooks behind the goal. I was almost sat behind the president for the 2011 final, but TBH, the atmosphere is better on the hill. 2016 on the hill against the yerras was special. I never really experience that in the stands.


At least your view wouldn’t be blocked!!


Very good…

Only Mary Mc was still the president back then.


He’d be fcuked so!!!


To keep as far away as possible from people who go to the middle of the Hogan.


Quick one lads - it’s the young lads confirmation in a few weeks time and as a surprise we’d like to get a Dublin player to pop out to the house in the evening for half an hour or so for a few photos and sign a few autographs - could anyone help us out? Would we need to go through the county board or can we just approach the player themselves?


I’d ask Eoin Murchan. He only made his last year.


Best thing to do would be get on to Mossy in the county board, he’d tell you very quickly if its doable