Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


'Zactly. It may not have been an intended slight on EF per se, or an indication that he had lifestyle issues that were a problem. He just didn’t suit JG’s new game plans. Given the sheer number of young u21 speedsters that joined the panel in the Spring of 2013, someone had to go to make room for them all. So the likes of EF & Ross McConnell were the 1st to go. He was always quite injury prone too, wasn’t he? That probably didn’t help either.


So some of our multiple All Ireland winners might not make the grade in Carlow, or Leitrim, or Clare, or Cork, or Westmeath, or Cavan!? I seriously worry about you sometimes @Wifi.

Sure maybe throw out a few names there and we can laugh … I mean discuss.


Not sure his work rate was good – he was a sub in 2011 and was very poor when he started in the 2012 championship, in all games and notably against Mayo . He had no pace really. At best was a impact sub at inter county level .


Pretty much summed him up…


I always thought Ross had a limited shelf life after the semi against Cork in 2010. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt as I thought he got played for that peno.


That was the cap on a pretty abysmal game from him though to be fair. He was ok up to that game, but was awful that day if I recall correctly.


I think he was alright in the first half, might have even got a point and we were dominant around the middle. That game was a real what if. But would we have beaten Kerry in the final?


We wouldn’t have had to. We would have played Down in the final.


Ah yeah, they kept their fine record against the Kingdom that year. Easy mistake because sure aren’t Kerry in the final every year.


As is their God given right.


All the provincial winners lost in the QF that year. Only time it ever happened.


i thought mc connell had one of his best games for dublin that day right upto the “penalty” where all he did was put his arms out either side to make himself bigger. the langer ran into him and then sat down on his hole looking for a peno which thre ref duly gave, completely conned. there were others running out of gas all around him. not to mention the sideline decision the wrong way for both the peno and an earlier point. thought ross got a lot of undeserved flak for a good shift and then gettin caught in the perfect shite storm. not a day i remember fondly.


We’ll agree to disagree then, mind you, the standard he set wasn’t exactly scorching. I was livid that he was there instead of Whelo for example!


Yep, the langers were bit more street wise that day


Two woeful sideline decisions on the Cusack side were massive factors in that defeat. But also our style of play left everyone empty (only 2 up front mostly) after 55 minutes - but we learned from it … clearly.


and still learnin, 6 All-Irelands later


A good few mates - well lads I know - go to the Hill. It’s gas after games when the game is being dissected cos most of them seem to have seen (or not seen) another game entirely. Two of them are under 5’10” so probably see the back of heads mostly. But in the centre of the Hogan around the AC you can see everything perfectly. Even if you’re on the Upper you’ve a good view. It’s no wonder most of the crowd on the Hill spout such rubbish during and after games. Most of it has poor views never mind the height thing. Even the stand at the Canal End is far better. Don’t know why the clamour is to go to the Hill.


Yup Dublin joe… friend to the Dubs! Sort off! :grin:


Jesus, you are turning all Bart…


:joy::joy::joy: best insult I ever had!