Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


the ex ard stiurthoir is very involved with his club and Monaghan football. so what if he celebrated what was a significant win for them in that so few teams beat de Dubs in any game

not sure why your brother needed to ask you a question about if they won something? they did, they won a match which was a significant boost for Monaghan football. not sure if your brother resented a Monaghan fan having a bit of joy or genuinely had a question for you.


My original post made the point that Monaghan were the last team to beat Dublin and the first to do so in the League at home for four years.

Nobody resented anything at all - albeit we were a bit bemused. I have good time for Paraic and Malachy and Monaghan and no problem with a bit of joy. But they won nothing all the same. It’s a bitch being a Dublin fan.


Plenty potential in David Shaw. Has power and pace which will be essential in Croker Park. Improving all the time and be on Kerry team in next couple seasons.


Majority of 2013 panel featured in last year final. That think that narrative could be comparing to 2011 team. With change of management and lot 2011 team at end of their careers was bound to be changes… JG has same core of players from 2013 still playing. Of 19 lads that played against Mayo in final that year Rory O’Carroll, Ger Brennan, Diarmuid Connolly,Denis Bastick and Kevin O’Brien not playing anymore.


You tell me? :slightly_smiling_face:


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I reckon we are clear favs to win the 5 in a row, does that mean we will do so? By all means no, that is the nature of sport, the bottomline is the best team does not always win, but usually does. Personally I still see Mayo as the biggest danger, but I think they have to win connaught, I know they have always lacked something to get over the line and probably still do, but a year off last year and a change in management could be enough to at least get themselves back where they were, also think a serious effort in the league would be better for them, than a run through the qualifiers.
Tyrone and Monaghan, I see as much of a muchness, think they are lacking a bit in real quality and have probably more or less reached their limit with what they have, unless they can find a few very special players, just don’t see them upsetting us.
Kerry, well they will be in the super 8s no doubt, I don’t agree with those who say they have been improving, they had a very poor year last year and to cover it up to an extent Clifford was focussed on by the media rather than results and performance.As someone said they were steeped to be still in with a shout in the last round of the super 8s and then could only manage to come third out of a group of 4.
The one thing they have in their favour is their built in belief that they are one of the best and and are usually unfazed by playing in big games in Croker whereas a some of the other contenders tend to wobble when it comes to meeting us in a big game in Croker, but even at that it would take a huge improvement from last year for them to make it this year.
Galway, well I reckon Galway got shown up pretty badly against us last year, they played like a team that did not believe they could beat us, if they don’t throw off the shackles they are always going to be playing under fear, if they do, well it remains to be seen how good they are.
Donegal, similar to Tyrone and Monaghan, most teams suffer from the loss of Key players, but it seems to affect them even more, losing Paddy Mc last year killed them, if they can keep their best players on the team, they could easily make the semis…
My surprise choice would be Kildare, don’t think they will beat us, but they seem to be doing something right at underage and it seems to be slowly but surely carrying through, the Mayo win was huge for them last and gave them a huge confidence boost and even though they finished last in their group in the super 8s, they put in a few decent performances and were unlucky not to have won a game or two., I would say they were sneakily happy with the way things went in the later part of the year.
Given the nature of the competition it is hard to pick the teams that will make the super 8, but I would go for Dublin, Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone as provincial winners and then it is the luck of the draw for the other places.


Sure they didn’t win any competition that day, but I feel like you’re looking at it the wrong way. It’s hard as a Dubs fan in the middle of your most successful period ever, but put yourself in Monaghan’s shoes.

Dublin hardly ever lose any games as you say, even these ones at the end of the league which often mean nothing. Indeed they’d beaten Monaghan every time they met in their current run, including a couple of times where it looked like Monaghan had done enough, but the experience of Dublin made sure they turned it around and beat Monaghan. So Monaghan had these recent experiences of not being able to close out a game against Dublin, even when playing well, and even when it’s only the league - so how would they stand a chance if they met down the road in the championship? (And they’ve those two bad defeats in quarter finals too). So this was a back and forth game which Monaghan took by the scruff of the neck and edged out themselves. This was their last game before the crunch Ulster game in Omagh, so it was a good note to end the league on rather than yet again being edged out by the Dubs.

So yeah, while this meant nothing for Dublin, and they went about their business and won the league, it was purely a matter of momentum and confidence building for Monaghan imo, that’s what it came down to for them. Coming into the championship, the players last experience was beating Dublin in Croke Park(a first for Monaghan I believe), rather than losing another tight one and being given a pat on the back for running Dublin close. Cavan host Dublin in the last round this year and if we win(regardless of Dublin already being in the final and it not meaning anything etc.), I can tell you there will be alot of happy Cavan people about! I know it might be strange to some Dublin folk but simply put it’s a scalp - and a very rare one these days - and beating Dublin in any way is a good note to finish your league on.


I don’t disagree with any of that. I just said I was bemused …


Not as bemused as when Fermanagh did a lap of the pitch after been beaten by Dublin


Yep:), but in fairness to them they came down as if it was their All Ireland final, I reckon they really enjoyed their day out.The amount of tricolours around Croker almost gave the place the feeling of an international game, loads of young Fermanagh lads with the tricolour draped over their shoulders.


Did Monaghan not get bate by Fermanagh in the early stages of the Ulster Championship? If it wasn’t their first champo game after the league finished, it was the one directly after. So am not entirely sure what beating us in a meaningless league game set them up for exactly.


They beat Tyrone in Omagh. Lost to Fermanagh following that yes, but I think it’s fairly clear they just took their eye off the ball there. And they had their longest championship in 30 years, so maybe that’s what it set them up for.


IMO, if Tyrone and Monaghan could join together, they would be a very decent side, Monaghan have a bit of what Tyrone are missing, a few top class individuals, but man for man Tyrone have the better players in general. Reckon they would compensate each other nicely.


McManus is that good he could prob give Tyrone enough of what they are lacking


You ain t missing anything. A rehash of information already found in other articles.



Not a defining year for Connolly at all,he is already defined as one of the best football players of all time, 4 All Irelands, leagues Leinster titles and everything at club level. All the rest is a personally thing and won’t define anything, no matter what Connolly does this year it is not going to change him as a player, it could mean a few more titles, but with such an impressive C.V. what difference would it make?


“they won the 2018 All-Ireland title without ever being stretched to the limit so they didn’t require Connolly’s special brand of talent. It might not be the same this year.”

I would like him to give some reasoning as to his conclusions in the last line.