Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


@Bosco was referring to an all Ireland final if we get there which i expect we will, I reckon jim takes it pretty much the same as any other game as he takes pretty much every game seriously.The lads and him know what the story is with finals,how to get there and how to get the job done so it’s just a matter of winning a game of ball for them


@TheParish no need to put the Monaghan v Dublin thread into this?


I agree with most of that but remember it was a first All Ire Final at Snr level at least for quite a few of them.
But my question previously to you was what game this year are you saying we need to do what you were saying in the previous post?


Show me the posts about the Monaghan game in here please and I will move them back to the match thread


On paper we have the best starting 15, the best panel and the best manager. So this Championship should be ours, but games aren’t played on paper.

I do believe motivation is a big factor in sports, but the way some GAA analysts go on about it (referring to it as hunger or occasionally as hurt) is ridiculous, it’s as if it was the only thing that mattered and skill, tactics or technical ability were irrelevant. Personally I believe this is because these analysts are actually incapable of analysing Gaelic Football, don’t understand modern tactics & styles of play, so they just revert to cliche.

Teams will have extra motivation to beat us this year, as McGuinness said in a recent interview it’s instant legendary status to the team that stops us. But I believe the lads will also have extra motivation this year with the chance of doing the five in a row. Those factors should balance themselves out. We will see.


I am not 100% sure we do have the best 15. I can’t think of anyone who has better, but I don’t think it’s a sure thing we have the best.

In years gone by we had maybe 6 or 7 who were the best in their position in the country (actually the best, not just All Star best). Now we have maybe Cooper, McCarthy, Fenton and Kilkenny and maybe others that are arguable.

What we have is the best manager and the best systems. And maybe this means individual talent is less necessary, or it might even be a hindrance in some positions.

I think Gavin has completely changed how the game is managed, to such an extent that I suspect no one outside the camp really knows the extent of it.


In general, I would say talk of hunger/motivation in sport is a cop out for being a poorer side over a period of time.


When you look at it in soccer for example, a couple of times a team will win games over a season by pure hunger and drive… usually a weaker side beating a top team.

We have seen it over the years with our own national side - beating Germany, Holland and Italy all 1-0 in big games. We we’re most definitely not the better team.

Ferguson always maintained teams would always raise their game against United.

I would say Donegal in 2014 , motivation (as well as a near perfect game plan) was a big factor, because when they played Kerry in the final, they were largely flat and couldn’t raise their game to the same level.

I think Dublin are without doubt the greatest side of all time and proven by how we have came out the right side of tight games everytime since 2013 (Kerry, Mayo x3).

Sport is not a perfect science, so lots of factors both in your control and out of your control play a factor to the eventual outcome.

Therefore, I think whoever we play at the latter end of the championship will have a little something extra going into the match. It is whether they have enough other factors go right for them to get a winning result.

On paper, Dublin should and deserve to be clear favourites for Sam, but IMO, other teams will raise their game to stop the 5 in a row.

And why I think hunger and motivation is such an important thing in GAA, particularly football currently? A pretty average side could feasible get to an All Ireland final due to the lack of games and quality sides. (Many have)

Anything can happen in a 1 off game then.

Still tipping Dublin for the All Ireland…

This post was of Al @FiscalRectaltude levels…the shame :joy::see_no_evil:


So what yer saying is, it’s knockout from the semi-finals on?


Really, does anyone believe stopping Dublin from winning 5 in a row is a bigger motivation than winning Sam, the teams that could eventually beat Dublin are motivated by winning the All Ireland. The Offally Kerry game is remembered because it was a final and Offaly won in dramitic fashion, had they beaten Kerry in a semi and lost the final it wouldnt have been remembered in the same way. I doubt Offaly went into croker that day thinking about kerrys 5 in a row, they went in thinking about winning Celtic crosses. The rest was just hype built up by the media.


For Offaly in 82 it was all about winning Sam with the added factor of being massive underdogs. I suppose it was the way the game was won, the fallout about the goal, and Kerry’s carry-on beforehand with t-shirts etc that really put the focus on them not making history.
Offaly had been knocking on the door for a few years, possibly should’ve beaten Dublin in 79 which probably would’ve brought them on to the final. They learned alot from the 1980 semifinal and 81 final I guess.


Jack Mc, Paul Mannion (on form), Deano, Con and Howard (how did you omit him) are as good as, or probably better than anyone else out there in their respective positions. More so, Dublin’s bench easily trumps every other bench out there.


To be fair, I am putting it more toward Kerry than any other side, as per my earlier comments in the thread.

Mayo motivated to end the heartbreak.

Galway as it has been 17 years and they would have some internal motivation with the hurling contingent.

Tyrone have Mickey Harte at the helm so would he motivated to clear out a cow sh1t house

Kerry, make no mistake, a Dublin 5 in a row would kill them. Most will come from fans and media but that will feed into the Kerry team.


Is that a rhetorical question?


Doubt it. The narrative has already started that 4 or 5 in a row doesn’t count as the team has changed too much.


Let’s be very clear here. Dublin would be the first ever county to win 5 Sams in a row. Nothing to do with teams at all. No county has won 5 Sams in a row.


But Kerry might not even meet us, never mind beat us. Winning Sam is maximum motivation for all contenders, in every game againt us the opposing manager may use the 5 in row thing, but Gavin is free to use it too so no rel difference.


It may be a little added motivation to stop the 5 but thats all i think, a county that consider themselves competitive and in the top 5 or 6 counties in the country should be going for sam regardless of stopping a 5 in a row or not. Whatever their supporters think about stopping us it wouldnt be ideal for a team to go out in the championship just looking to stop us



Fully agree with Rathcooledubs views on Kerry.


David Shaw is Aidan o sheas first cousin.

And is most definitely not as good as David Clifford. IMO.