Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I’ve seen families wave their 13 year old kids off to Gaeltacht be less worried about how they’ll cope than how worried some people are about a 30 year old 6-foot brick-shithouse heading to Boston to play football! :grinning:


is it true he will be only playing 5 matches? wow.


Yeah its like that scene out of watchmen…



Spot on.


He’s many things but a brick shithouse he ain’t. He’s a thoroughbred and the lunatic lumpers across the pond will only rejoice in cutting him down, especially as 99% of them will not be fans of his.


the fact that we’re talking about a trip abroad makes the whole thing sad and a bit of a farce - the greatest footballer of his generation with still so much to offer shooting off to play at a level ten times below him .

I know there are reasons but still…


I’ve stood beside the man. He’s 6 foot tall and built like a tank. I’ve said it many times, if you go to cut him down you better make sure you do it right cause he is well capable of flattening any man himself.

Seriously… he’s not a kid small FFS.


Considering what he got away with in court cpl years ago ,amazed he gets any media work


Stephen Attride isn’t a small man. Look at what happened to him by way off accident. It doesn’t matter how big or strong you are if someone wants to do damage in a sly, sneaky way.


Is mise Danny.
Indeed Connolly is a terrific player & I hope he does well for himself in USA. He should put himself first & foremost.
He has been Dubs best player last few years too so I think other counties will breath a sigh of relief.


It’ll be the same rules in Boston as it is in Ireland. It’s not the Hunger games he’s gone to take part in. I have never seen Dermo being rattled physically by any man in this country. I’m sure he will be just fine in Boston.

If anything, cause the shackles are off somewhat I won’t be surprised to hear he’s rattled someone over there himself.


In fairness, and there’s no bigger fan of Connolly than me, he played his own part.


I hope you’re right.


Imagine yer some lad from a Leitrim backwater, over in Boston for the summer, lured by the chance of good money doing something you love - playing football. Heaven.

You’re thinking to yourself “Sure, I’ve been playing this all me life, nearly made the minor and senior IC squads, how good can these guys really be? I’ll look like a star!”

First game comes up, lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, perfect for football.

You walk on to the pitch, taking your position in the half back line. As your counterpart approaches, you instinctively stick out your arm to shake hands just before throw in, when you realize you are about to spend the next seventy minutes marking Diarmuid Connolly.

“Ah Shyte.”


There is, if you just want to sit there like a nodding donkey, say your piece without offending anyone, bank the pay check and then scarper.

Senan will never come in for the kind of abuse that the likes of Spillane, Horan, Brolly etc come in for, or others who aren’t afraid to speak their piece & who have zero qualms about targeting the star players of their main opponents. If all he wants, is an easy ride, then good luck to him.

But his opinion will never gain any real traction, or be really listened to, or be in the headlines (like Spillane usually is) come Monday morning. That’s great if you are from Kerry or Mayo. It fuckin’ sucks if you are a Dub & you want to see one of your own fight fire with fire for a change.


i think you are picking me up wrong. He isnt laughing at what is being said, he used to laugh along. You’d get the equivilent of

“the dubs are a shower of nasty cheating dirty bastards”
and he’d reply with “ha ha, fair enough ah you’re funny”
“im not joking they’re chearing scum”
“ah ha ha, this is great banter”

and so on. he would just let them away with anything and never object


Why are you nodding your head Senan? Just agreeing with you there lol… but I haven’t said anything Senan? Yer right, yer right… but I agree with you all the same. Absolutely, dead right. yeah dead right. Nod, nod, nod…


It would be a fooking privilege…are you kidding !!

Yes, you are about to get your arse handed to you in the footballing sense, but a privilege nonetheless


Ah no. I get ya. I know what he’s like. I don’t watch him on Sky, but I’ve seen him on Eir a lot during the league. You can bet your bottom dollar that when Little Jimmy Horan is doing a hatchet job on Jonny Cooper, or whoever… Senan will just sit there & either grin, nod, murmur something vague, or not say a word at all.

God forbid, he’ll ever offer up a counter argument & throw in the O’Connor’s antics, for the sake of balance. God knows they gave the country plenty of ammo to use during the league.


A bit like this fella (the one on the left!)