Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Another great point - someone should ask them what their thoughts on it are.


What are they meant to say, back off lads, we don’t like the attention. Big names are always going to attract the attention, and none are bigger than DC, so unfortunately he will always be in the spotlight, and in these days of (anti) social media and every hack needing to get clicks to get paid some of the attention is going to be vicious. I’m not for one minute condoning that, but it’s a fact of life in this day and age so players have to try learn to either cope with it or ignore it. For what it’s worth I think Brollys absolute rant on Sean Kavanagh was the worst, most biased character assassination that’s happened within the GAA, even worse than the sly sniping that Spillane specialises in, but Kavanagh had to suck it up and ignore it, and answer his critics on the pitch.
Unfortunately for us, and DC, the only other alternative is to walk away, which seems to be the route Connolly has chosen, so all we can do is wish him the best and hope he is happy at whatever he chooses to do.


First bit is correct, second bit is only half right. The entire GAA community rallied around Kavanagh and called out Brolly. No Dub has ever been afforded that level of public support. They’re incomparable I’m afraid.

The GPA was set up to protect players well being. What about their mental well being when they’re essentially being bullied by people with national profiles? They absolutely should be wading in. They’ve a duty of care to protect the players they represent.

They’re a union at the end of the day and unions are supposed to be militant. Either treat our members fairly and with respect or we’re pulling all media access to players. The journalists and their employers won’t be long reeling in their bullshit


Whats more galling about this is that scrote Paul Galvin gets a 3 month ban & what happens him to him the next year , he gets Footballer of the Year . Stark contrast there , and add in how few All Stars Diarmuid got considering he was probably the best footballer in the country for the last 4 years , at least .


The GPA isn’t going to go head to head against journalists, not the mainstream ones anyway.They might call out some local journo working for a provincial paper, or Billy Bob commentating on local radio, but they are too dependant on their continued ‘good relationship’ with the major media outlets to risk rocking the boat on this issue, especially fighting for an even break for a Dublin player.
You have to remember that the GPA members you want to fight our corner are the same ones that have voted for the POTY for the last couple of years. Do you honestly think they care?


In fairness Galvin got enough shite too - not always warranted. If we are talking about protecting the DCs of this world Galvin is also an example of unacceptable personal vilification.


True, and he was a deserving POTY too.


As long as gavin is manager ???


Gavin isn’t the problem, or did he turn him against Vincents too…


No - not a Gavin issue at all necessarily. A Dermo issue. Like I said though - hope I’m well wrong.


Two "offers’ that I’m aware of and neither involves Donegal Boston.
Big Shillings. Some young fella I never heard of got $12K. It’s mad!!
Shannon Blues ( Kieran Maher. R.I.P. Dublin 1983) lost their first two matches and they were trying to get him too. It’s hardy football as well. Thankfully the lads going out now are of a far fitter variety than those who preceeded them 35-40 years ago.
It was great fun though. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
When you’re young you don’t give a bollix.


It’s not that plain and simple. Others, some of our own, have unfortunately played their part too.


The two are not related.

Hopefully he will play for Vins after the summer. His relationship with the current Dublin set up would appear to be breached beyond repair.


I would be the first to agree that Spillane went for DC big time and it was totally out of order, but the assumption that Dermo heading away is related to Football or the the Dublin set up is nothing more than an assumption, but yet many are talking as if it is a fact, I have no idea why he has taken the decision he has done, but it could be that it has absolutely nothing to do with football.
Rory also went and others have done in the past, some give their reasons and some do not, it is hard for us to understand how a lad can give up what appears to be a life of glory, but everyone has their own way of seeing things.


No fault of his own either, he’s a grown man and needs to take responsibility for his actions on and off the pitch.


I’ve seen so many posts talking about how ‘blessed’ and ‘lucky’ we are to have had Dermo etc.

I respect what he’s done for Dublin and sacrifices he’s made, I’ve enjoyed watching him play and am disappointed I won’t get to enjoy more of his talent. However I think it works both ways. I also think Dermo has been extremely lucky to be playing in an era where his team mates are some of the most talented the county has ever developed. Our County board structure has never been more organised and currently we’ve got one of the all-time great GAA managers in Jim Gavin. Dermo has also been supported by hugely passionate and loyal fans. All of these factors have combined to deliver the success that Dermo has enjoyed in his career.

He’s off to America and best of luck to him, a great opportunity, especially at his age. But I won’t pine for him, just as I don’t for Rory O’Carroll. These lads made their own decisions and my focus will be solely on the lads here working their holes off and making huge sacrifices for the blue jersey for the remainder of the summer.


I think it’s terribly sad for all concerned that, having achieved so much together, he may miss out on further glory as this team is certainly on the cusp of something even more special. There are a few Kerry greats (and some maybe not so great) who have five All-Ireland medals, I’d loved to have seen DC surpass these.

I don’t know enough of what’s going on so I won’t begin to point a finger at anyone. I just hope DC doesn’t have too many regrets and gets to be content with himself. I would sincerely hope also that there is no lingering animosity between him and anyone in the current Dublin set-up that can’t be overcome. These guys have achieved so much together for it to be clouded amongst themselves.


the spillane motive - even if i agree with it to an extent - may be misplaced. Dont forget this match was live on sky that saturday night. They led the bandwagon, the concentrated on it to the exclusion of all else . I think that TSG and spillane espicially, felt that they had to swamp the sky coverage and to set the narrative. He also, as Dessie Dolan said, had 24 hours to get out the rule book and bring his notes in with him. IMO it was more about trumping sky but if pat could push DC into a ban, he was most certainly going to assist as best he could.

the real stinker in all of that was the “addittion” to the referees notes, when they were made, and what prompted it. We all strongly suspect it was Spillanes rant. I’d say those notes are safely incinerated by now.

Dont even start me on former Dublin players on GAA shows. We ahve few enough as it is and one of them, Senan, seesm to treat every slight and nasty jibe by his co-experts on radio or TV as a laugh.


There’s some wisdom in that approach.