Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


How exactly does this “money thing” work in the states


I’d say it’s for the season and dependent on win bonuses. The likes of Dermo wouldn’t have to work … not good …


They get “paid” to play over there ?


He has been given a “job” by all accounts too.


Jaysus this is really getting like gossip corner,
Clucko out on the beer with the lads
Dermo fixed up with a job, with 50K a game or a season as a perk, .)


Cluxton came out of hospital fine on Sunday night - We think he will be fine.

Connolly is fucking off to America for the summer and from a Dublin perspective, He’s gone…

They are the facts


50k is about the highest I’ve ever seen quoted, most teams over there would have millionaires backing them, hence the payments. Players would be generally given a job and accommodation but the jobs are usually like the ones in the Sopranos (No show ones). Backers try to recoup their money by betting on the games.


When the manager steps up after a defeat and praises the opposition like this, theres character and quality all in one.


There isn’t a team in the country that wouldn’t be improved by having DC in their ranks - and that includes us. Crazy that it’s come to this really.
Get the feeling, reading between the lines, that there’s no certainties what DC will be doing in 2019 but truly hope he feels the benefit of heading away & is available for IC and Dublin club football once more.


I can’t see him in a Dublin shirt again … unfortunately.


If he does appear in a Dublin shirt great if he does nt we ll live. We have survived the retirement of all the other greats and we support the Jersey irrespective of who is wearing it.


Im am very surprised that Jim or even John Costello couldn’t convince him to stay . There must have been meetings between them . The bridges might be burned now , there must have been some compelling arguments for him to take a break .


Who knows, nobody seems to know. Best of luck to the lad, i hope he goes and has a great time. plays some great football and enjoys himself. If we see him back we’ll be blessed. if not I count myself luck to have witnessed in my opinion the best footballer of his generation.


The buck stops with Spillane IMO. Got the lad 12 weeks for nothing and it just changed everything. If you look at it last September was merely a cameo for a lad that loves playing at the top end - but some cameo - as was Cormac’s the year before. Vins losing early in Leinster didn’t help either. Time on your hands can relax you … or it can eat you.


This. The unfortunate thing is will he e ever challenged about it? Is a Derryman are only outlet to ask the red faced fucker the hard question?


If you’d have told me at the start of the year that we’d have to do without him for the year, I’d have been crestfallen. Now, I’d be delighted if it’s just for the year. Wish him the best & hope he’ll be back. Howard’s debut season (as a true starter) goes up a notch now.


Its an absolute travesty for a player of his talent to play 1 game & 35+ minutes in two years of inter county championship football because of a media & nation wide witch hunt which pretty much made him give up his inter county career because of all the bullshit he has had to put up with .And him not even injured at that .
He was hounded out of the game , plain & simple .


And yet nobody will say it. Whelo? Senan? Alan Brogan? Time to step up and speak out for your former team mate lads and those that may well be the culchie mafias next victim


Exactly. And if this fact was aired time and again we might have some discussion around what is acceptable and not, in terms of analysis and objectivity. Social media is an unregulable warzone and a home for cowards and agendas … mainstream TV need not - and should not be. It should be the remaining bastion of reason.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What the ■■■■ are the GPA doing about their members being slandered and verbally attacked in the media?