Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Diarmuid Connolly is joining my old club Donegal Boston for the Summer. A great signing for the parish :+1:
Colm Parkinson on twitter
While I truely wish him well, I have to honestly say it hurts to think this is his best option.


Don’t know much about rugby but would think set plays are much easier in rugby than football just because there is more potential for positioning in football, that could be my lack knowledge too.


There’s also a lack of a direct marker potentially blocking runs etc. Far harder to orchestrate set plays after the initial kick out.


I heard recently that a rugby team (worth its salt) could have over a 100 different line-out calls. Which got me wondering if they would have a different set for whether they were throwing in from the left hand side or right hand side of the field?


" a hundred different line out calls" seems phenomenal !


sure they’ve feck all else to do all week.


That’s why all them boys go to private school.


I know for a fact that several clubs in Boston were wooing our Diarmo. Big shillings involved.
I wish him the very best but he will be a marked man on and off the pitch.


This will not end well…


I fear you’re right … I hope we’re wrong …


how are the big shillings raised @daddyo


Raffles and Cake Sales…[quote=“Bosco, post:1938, topic:1462, full:true”]

how are the big shillings raised @daddyo


He should’ve been offered it about 3 years ago


So how much is “big shillings”? PM please!


I’d be interested to know that myself!


He’s been the vice captain since Jim Gavin took over from Gilroy.


pm also please also


I read up to €50k somewhere today but can’t find it now


Is that per game ?


Yes, and given free accommodation AND a job!