Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Jeeze @ProudDub you mean you can’t recall Clucko’s rousing post Delaney lifting words?!


Cooper was captain in the league game in Salthill, so he could be vice captain this year. The only other candidate who didn’t start that game is Kilkenny (Phily, James Mc, MDMA and Rock all started, so I assume they are behind Cooper in the succession)


After witnessing Kildares glorious march to O’Byrne Cup…eh…glory in 2012, all other victorious captains speeches pale into insignificance & are soon forgotten.


Who took over as captain yesterday?


It’s not like groundball where there’s an armband handed over. So we don’t know really I guess. There is no official vice-captain as far as I know, but on game day a captain (if Clucko is not available) is appointed. As far as I’m aware. Not that it matters really too much!


While Cluxton was being treated there was a big row over who would be captain. As far as I could see after a series of knockout games, MDMA won the final paper, rock, scissors.


Sure isn’t a debutant the Kerry captain. It doesn’t seem to be important when the ball is thrown in.


Ah would not be writing off Cluxton anyway, it may have only been a hard knock, I’d say going to hospital to have it looked at is the norm.


It’s a handy excuse to give comerford the final, but I would wager cluxton would say over his dead body to that.


Maybe offering the captaincy to a certain St Vincent’s club man might entice him back?


@alanoc ??? :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Who else?


I assume David Byrne wasn’t injured? He just didn’t make the matchday squad which is a shame.


“So nice to equal Kerry’s provincial record, and look forward to surpassing it next year.”


Someone told me they saw him at the Wicklow game and he was wearing a protective boot, so he could well be injured.


I presume that’s a joke?




Wouldn’t have a problem with any of the suggestions above but will throw another name into the hat.

Brian Fenton, never beaten in the Championship & a natural leader.


I heard from a few panel players that Cooper is an inspiration inside the Dublin camp. His application to training, leadership etc. Him and Cluxton were singled out.


We were doing that at set pieces in school boys rugby* in the 80s. It’s not that exceptional to work out a few set plays for kickouts.

*I know, I know. Played rugby as a kid, my secret shame