Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Haven’t listened to the show yet myself, will give it a listen tomorrow, but yes I presume it’s what he picked up in the carlow v Dubs game.


It seems simple and obvious when you consider it in American football terms but for me transferring to gaa is a whole lot more complicated. Do they use anything similar in basketball ?.


They do , hand & verbal ques. Only issue is the opposition would view tapes of these from previous games so they would be aware of the plays if they did their homework properly .


Now you know DC is going!!


Mayo defenders were quoted saying they took to shouting out random numbers to put Dublin forwards off ahead of freekicks. They adopted this after the Connolly/ Rock freekick routine in the 2016 draw, where Rock got free for a shot at goal that was deflected in for an OG.


Whatever about the numbers, the pass from Diarmo, sublime.


Yip, no matter how good we are, we are unquestionably better with Diarmo. And because he doesn’t rely on pace for his brilliance, he could probably play at the very top level until he was 34 or 35.


Anyone know the subs listed


It’s on the game thread


Thanks a mill.


Assuming Cluxton is injured and with Connolly off the squad, anyone hazard a guess at captain for the final?

Cooper was his u21 captain in 2010 and its clear he’s a big fan. Kilkenny an option too perhaps


MDMA or Philly.

Frankly, Any one of the squad could be given it, and there’d be no complaints from any quarter.


McMahon is a possibility, likewise Kilkenny, but judging Gavin’s character and temperament my money would be on somebody like O’Sullivan.


James mccarthy


Thats 6 names mentioned already, just shows the strength of character in this team. I actually think the role of captain is overstated, you’ll have players who are natural leaders anyway but won’t need any title to bring that out of them.


Captain and Vice Captain should be Philly & JC.

Just to piss everyone else off.

Suck on that bitches !


Has to be johnny, up there lifting the Delaney Cup
Gives his speech " this ones for you pat :wink:"


Are there speeches after the presentation of the cup in the Leinster final?

Jesus. I’ve seen us win the blinkin’ thing eleventy katrillion times on the trot. You’d think I’d know the answer to that.

Scarleh ! :flushed:


Yes, there is


Jeeze @ProudDub you mean you can’t recall Clucko’s rousing post Delaney lifting words?!