Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Murchan got on last day and league final, should feature Sunday also. There’s a McGowan from Crokes on the bench also recently


Not a rumour I’m afraid. Shane Carthy from Vincent’s is also going.


I know Shane Carthy is going!


Wears a mask.


“ Are you hanging around to try make history as the first Dublin team to do 4 in a row and only the third team ever”

‘Nah, heading to America to play ball’


“Are you hanging around to give up your entire social life for another Summer when you probably won’t play a minute of meaningful football?”

“Nah, heading off to have one of the best Summers of my life while I’m still young”.


Connolly is 31 :wink:


Thought you were referring to the other 4 reported to be going during the week.

Connolly’s going for different reasons which also aren’t unreasonable.


Jesus, is that still not young? Or am I very old? No need to answer that!!


Watching rafa nadal at 32 today tearing it up , he looked finished at this level 3 years ago .


It’s amazing what supplements will do for people.


If only Rafa played for st Vincent’s then no one could make insinuations about him. Someone should tell him he s missing out . He successfully sued a former French govt minister for defamation. Perhaps you should give the Hanahoe s a call just in case Nadal looks into res dubs occasionally.


What’s wrong with supplements?


Yeah yeah sure that’s what you meant


It’s certainly what I wrote.


Did you mean supplements of PEDs? Because if you did, that would be libellous… Apparently.

Give it up Alan, it’s tedious.


Considering your response(which I agreed with) on a different thread to rumors of this sort, this type of comment from you lessens your credibility on these matters.


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On K Cunninghams twitter, he mentioned listening to a Carlow players interview on otb am where the player spoke of Dublin players calling out numbers on cluxtons kickouts, and that these relate to play positions upon securing the possession after kickout. Never knew this nugget of info. Has anyone any more info on this, is it true, do any other teams do it. While I always believed Dublin played at a very high level, I find this an exceptional standard.


How would they know that ?
From last years game ???