Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Wait till he sees the welcome he gets in Boston . It will be no tea party that’s for sure . Lads will be lining up to smack him … and boast about it for the rest of the summer and beyond .
New York will be not much better


Referees will give him little, if any, protection, I reckon.


Maybe, but I’m not sure. I never played in the US, but I played in London and I found there that you knew the opposition bettter because everyone was hanging out in the same places and there was a bit less animosity.


I don’t think he should go at all. Possibly the worst thing he could do.


You’d swear Connolly was a shrinking violet. He’s a big unit himself and built like a tank. Good luck to anyone that hops off him and flattens him and if you do, I’d be looking over the shoulder for the revenge hit!


When this “story” broke on Sunday, I think I read somewhere on here that papers were after running with a rumour and nothing more. What I mean is, is this all still rumours or is there any substance to the story?

My take, FWIW, I wouldn’t blame him for getting away & clearing the head. The suspension last season, the very limited game time he got on his return plus the AI medals clanging in his pocket alone would make a time-out seem quite appealing. The pity is that we won’t have him for an “in case of emergency, break glass & let Dermo loose” moment but we may get on with it.


Pat Gilroy spoke about it after the hurlers game on Saturday & he seemed to think it was a done deal. Being his fellow club man & former manager, I’d imagine he’d know more than most.


If you re read what was written he was talking about the break in general, not a break in America. That still remains nothing more than a rumour and has been confirmed by nobody.


Both of them


New York / Boston is nothing like London .
Is there not a date that transfers / permits to America have to be done by ?


Football in NY is dog rough, but the lifestyle is good if you’re 20.


I think July 1st is the deadline


Play Sunday - go on the pi55 and don’t work Monday. ‘Elite’ players don’t need jobs either. There is also anything you want floating around. Not necessarily a brilliant environment if you are easily led or prone to get caught up in stuff.


Faraway fields…


sure dermo will be back next year with gillers hurlers he may drag Rory O’Carroll along also :grinning:


Anyone that’s experienced it has a few tales of debauchery. But like I said, for a summer or two is grand, but I wouldn’t consider it a good career move.


Better chance of seeing Zoro ride Shergar up the bank of the Grand canal.


Zorro’s a northsider.


With the news of the three/ four lads heading to the states to play ball, do we have a final 26 for the Dubs? Is Schutte back? Costello? Any bolters from last years 21s? Apart from Howard of course.


Be really disappointed if Murchan didn’t get included. He’s a superb talent. Height shouldn’t matter when you’re that good