Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Absolutely. Sure how could you be pissed off, 5 All Irelands in 7 years! I wouldn’t give a fcuk what people say, media or otherwise. Id be walking the streets in my mink coat having the lols.


Another good visual!


Christ! The guy deserves some slack from here at least. There is a huge amount going on but we don’t need to add to it IMO.


Dont know why people insist in making out that DC has a problem with Gavin or the Dùbs, if it were only that surely he would have been playing with Vins.


Maybe Gilroy pissed him off too. :wink:


Nope… not him.


heard on the radio this morning that Carthy, Reddin and O’Canghaille (sorry about spelling) all off to states this summer too. Anyone heard anything?

Cant say I blame the lads if true, as they don’t see too much game time and its a great opportunity


which Carthy is that?


Shane :wink:


there was a bit of confusion and the newsreader actually thought it was both…

Haven’t seen anything anywhere since


I am not sure who from that group is actually on the panel, Shane Carthy (Vincents) doesn’t seem to be as he is playing league with the club, we haven’t seen the other Shane Carthy for ages. O Conghaile hasn’t featured in match day squads either. Reddin would be the nearest to the team I would think, but I don’t think he was in the 26 for the Longford game. Its a lot of talent not to be using, some of those lads would not only be on other county teams, but would be the stars of them. But they can only have so many guys involved.

Having said that, I would be surprised about Reddin. He has hung around when he was on / off the panel before and seemed to be getting nearer.


Just don’t read them is the best you can do I think. They would make you despair for humanity. I have never read a comment section anywhere, where I felt better about the world after it.


the breakthrough of Scully and Howard has probably seen him fall down the pecking order somewhat


When you wrote that I was singing a Catatonia song in my head! If only we had a Moulder in the squad!


O’Conghaile, Reddin and Carthy(Mearnog) have been on Dublin panel since 2013 and made one championship appearance between three of them. That was O’Conghaile who came on as sub in 63rd minute against Kildare in 2015. Can’t blame them for going.


yeah cant blame any of them and as Maxi said Howard and Scully and to a lesser extent Con and even Basquel taking forward spots its less likely they’ll see any championship minutes.

Still always appreciated the efforts the lads made introduced as subs and the level of intensity the likes of Carthy and Reddin brought. Hopefully see them back at some point


YouTube comments (depending on the video!!) or any reviews of music, books and often films and TV programs are often extremely positive.


Don’t tell Colm O’Rourke, he’ll be getting all concerned about the great lads in Dublin who never get to play inter-county.


Except for here obviously :wink:

Can you report the comments on the 42.


I think it’s only Brolly that’s saying it and he is basing it on Connolly not being bought on until late in the Tyrone game.

But there was an interview a few months ago where Connolly went on at length about the great display Dublin put in against Tyrone and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day. Also Gavin went out of his way to stick up for Connolly in the aftermath of the Carlow stuff last year - so there is nothing in Brolly’s hypothesis at all that stands up really.

Connolly took so much shite from opposing players, managers and fans over the years the mystery should be why he played for so long (and so often - the guy played more games then anyone I ever saw), and not why he is taking a break now.