Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Can’t help but think that taking a summer in the states would be the best thing for DC. It would give him a break from all this speculation.


The only thing that isn’t speculation is that he won’t be left in peace even if he plays in the US.

Imagine it…Dermo in 50000 calorie burger shocker despite only scoring 4 goals in fiesty encounter against Farmer’s Tan Gaels. Gavin concerned about playing standards and diet ahead of much anticipated return to O’Byrne Cup action.


I wish him well. One of the most naturally gifted footballers of any generation. Football over here in Trumpyland was always “quare rough” to put it mildly. Hopefully it has calmed down a bit since I sold my boots in 1990.


So, you’ve heard he’s away for two years then?


My biggest fear about IF he went to New York or Boston that he will get even less protection on the field from referees than he gets at home. They’ll be lining up to have a go at breaking him.


‘I don’t think it will do him any harm’ - Gilroy on Connolly’s US summer move http://the42.ie/4051959


Joe Brolly: Last summer was humiliating for Diarmuid Connolly - I don’t think he will play under Jim Gavin again http://shr.gs/idkL4fY

Brolly’s mouth running wild again. Who is next?


The comments section on that 42 article are disgusting. Seems to be no censure and people can say what they want. Don’t blame Connolly for walking. Online keyboard warriors need to be tackled by GAA.


John Fogarty never has anything nice to say about Dublin then publishes that article to boost his own profile. Pretty sad and reignites the whole saga. No amateur sportsperson should be subjected to this.


Why they are allowed publish them or why they publish them is a disgrace. Considering they have journalists accredited for gaa matches I think the Dublin co board should raise this type of rubbish with Croke pk. If the 42 mob lost some privelages it might sharpen their attitude.


They thrive off the comments section.


Can the be comments be reported? Will just stay away from that page in future.


The Journal (which includes the 42) has a particular problem with comments at the weekends. They obviously don’t employ a lot of moderators for non peak times. It’s better, although not perfect, during standard workdays.


Surprising considering he was born and raised in Dublin !


It’s slander they re facilitating. Considering cases taken against rte because of comments made by guests on an rte platform this is the same. If I were DC I d have my solicitor sending a letter to this crowd.


He always slating Jim Gavin.


There was a player on the Dublin minor team in 1988 (they lost in the All-Ireland fibal to Kerry) who HATED Dublin.


Who? Sean Barry won a minor All Ireland with Dublin in 84 but due to family connections admitted he cheered for Meath and disliked the dubs -subsequently managed their u21s.


Thing I find strange, is I thought all these players didn’t read media? It’s like the nonsense in the local club. You win a game you’re a hero, lost one playing poorly and no one talks to you. Point being, I doubt entirely that it’s media attention that has Dermo not playing. I reckon he’ll regret it in time. He’ll be 31/32 if decides to come back. It’s not like the team are going to wait for him unfortunately. I do wish him well, just think it’s a big mistake on his part.


Maybe he just has the hump with gavin and thats all there is to it .If he turns up in the US of A playing ball its means IMO its not IC football that has him pissed off