Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


It’s the appropriate response in this instance . This is the second best team in the history of the game. With a armoury of 12-13 forwards you are not going to start every game as a young player. But to say he hasn’t broken through is ridiculous
Darren Daly doesn’t start every game would you argue he hasn’t broken through in his late bloody 20’s?


Bart making Donald Trump look like a diplomat here …


Yes I would argue that Darren Daly hasn`t made the breakthrough onto the starting 15, he has been around along time now but has failed to nail down a place on the team.
Don’t accept your point that as young player you are not going to start every game, very few players start every game regardless of their age, but lads like Kilkenny, Mannion seem to have done it. Rock also struggled to make it, but now he has consolidated a starting place. I would also accept that it does not have to be even a starting place, but at least to take part in games consistently, Lads like Daly and Costello have spent many games without even being in the subs. I am not knocking these lads, just using them as examples.


Process is hard to replace though


Jesus , nearly glossed over that . Are you admitting now this team are better than the 70’s team :cold_sweat:


Based on delivery I’m surprised how many games Mannion has started. I’m equally bemused as to why hes’ at wing forward too
Let’s just agree to disagree and agree I was right


Given a choice of mannion or scully at wing forward I’d have gone with scully .
That team will more then likely not start anyway


Overflowing with forwards yet we can’t seem to find a partner for Fento , wtf is going on :astonished:. Suppose we just let him do the work of two people . God forbid he gets injured at any stage . As if he wasn’t targeted enough last year , teams will be hell bent on taking him out & effectively nullifying us at midfield .


We are by no means in crises at midfield and we have a number of players who can do a more than decent job. Short kickouts are the paradigm these days and unless than changes a Flynn type player will do just fine imo.


Good post a bit of common sense regarding our midfield rather than the obsession of finding one.


If you need a midfielder you find one . You don’t rob Peter to pay Paul
But if it meant getting a few more years out of Flynn then the transition could be a good thing


Especially when considering if Flynn can continue in his usual role at the required level.


We’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul for years and it’s worked out fine. OSullivan, McMahon, Connolly and Kilkenny being decent examples.


This is going back and forward an easy to see whybpeople are getting frustrated.
I would have to agree with Lone Ranger here . He is talking about breaking through . Big P you seem to be talking about cementing a place . All very irrelevant to be honest . if we have a lad to come off the bench and score three points in an All Ireland Final I’m happy enough.
For what its worth use Dean Rick as an example . IMO he prob broke to early . but he definitely broke through years ago . its only in the last two\three years that he has become a regular.


Happy enough with that. 18 scores which could and probably should have been 24 but for some wayward finishing. We were never going to set the world alight today for this teams first game together since October. Fitness levels looked good but we didn’t exactly over exert ourselves either.

Great crowd of 16k. Fair play to both sets of fans putting it up to the best fans in the land from the West.

The corner back for Cavan, number 2, what’s his game? Has he something lacking? Eejit just wanted to row with everyone.


Had a sneaky stamp on Kilkenny as well


He’d literally zero idea what was going on around him. Only interested in the man. So much so that when Mannion was subbed he followed him 3/4 of the way across the pitch before he realised what was going on. Clown


Thinking the same. Punched Whelan in first half too and hitting anyone in sight of him. He was like a dog in heat.



They really are a special bunch up in Cavan


Ah Mayo and their fans . . . The Liverpool of Ireland