Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


It was big news last month. There’s no need for it still to be news. The Irish Examiner certainly don’t know what’s going on and published gossip. No need for it.

And it seems to me that more and more players are walking away from these benefits you speak of, including media intrusion.


Connolly never seemed that interested. He’s no Bernard Brogan in that regard.


Yet he’s still driving the Neary’s sponsored Subaru. Mossy still pulling strings for his club mate? Or is he still on the panel?

The thick plottens!


And the poor Kerry lads going around on old warhorses.


You’re an awful grumpy ■■■■■■■ in the morning.


It’s 5am in fairness. You bollix.


Had to get up for a piss, and a moan? It’s a sign.


It’s more than a sign.


Of course it’s news when the best player, on the most successful team in the country does something (go to America) that sorta rubberstamps the presumption as fact, that we won’t see him in a blue jersey at all this summer. Call me crazy, but I’ve been holding out hope that he may make appearance during the Super 8’ or something, as have a lot of people, I’d imagine. Even if the word on the street was that he was gone from the Dublin panel for all of 2018, we were still holding out hope. If he goes to the US, that puts that pipe dream to bed now.

Everything Diarmuid Connolly does is news. Just as everything Joe Canning does is news. If he decided to take a year off from the Galway panel, without any sort of an explanation (not that I’m saying he owes anyone one, he doesn’t) then that would be news too. I know that you know the lad better than anyone else on here, but Jesus, it’s not a dagger thru his heart, or yours, if the media report on what he gets up to during his year off. They did it when Jack McCaffrey took a year off and he is a lot less - how shall I put it - newsworthy than Diarmuid Connolly is.


The problem is he hasn’t done anything. And he’s not speaking to the Irish Examiner or anyone else.

Did you ever consider it might be the media he’s sick of? And that this is very unlikely to make him want to go back playing?

He won’t be seen in 2018 no matter what happens.


Lads leaving their inter county panels and going to play football in America for the summer is reported on all the time. Why should Diarmuid be any different?

Brendan Murphy from Carlow did it last month it and made headlines. A few of the Tipp footballers did it the year they made the semi finals and, it made the papers. A few Galway lads did it the year they won Connaght and it made headlines too. You can’t open a paper these days without seeing yet another interview with Jamie Clarke going on about cafe culture in New York and how much he loves it. If Diarmuid Connolly joins their ranks, then it will be reported on. That’s just how it goes.

I haven’t seen anything out of order, or disrespectful in the media articles I read about it yesterday, or anything to make Diarmuid throw up his hands in despair and say “Feck the lot of yiz anyway.” Have you?


Correct. There’s no disrespect. Just idle gossip and rumour with no substantiating sources at all.


I piss, and moan, therefore I am.


That’s all the media do anyway, most of the time. Speculate and ponder idle gossip. We only play 6 championship games a year. Half of them are guaranteed double digit wins. The other half generate actual football talk in the media. The other 40 odd weeks of the year, they’ll just shoot the breeze about whatever comes into their heads, or what ever they think the public want to know about.

The public wants to know about Diarmuid Connolly, so they’ll keep on writing about him, even if there is no actual news. The public want to know about Cian O’Sullivan and Bernard Brogan too. So the media will keep going on about how their recovery is going from " respected sources" even thought the only new news is the same as it was last week - their recovery is progresssing nicely, thanks very much. If lads don’t want to be a part of that media merry go round, then don’t become a Dublin footballer, or do it on Stephen Cluxtons terms & let your football do all of your talking for you. It all seems to work out pretty well for him.

  1. There are no respected sources for this story.

  2. He has chosen not to be a dublin footballer. But they’re still writing about him.


The last time I saw Diarmuid Connolly was on a bitterly cold night in Castlebar, when he was playing for Dublin, in a Dublin jersey. That was a mere 3 1/2 months ago. He hasn’t retired. He is not out with a long term injury. He is still, in my head, a Dublin footballer. I can not just turn my brain off and stop thinking about him and of him, as a Dublin footballer, just because he is taking this summer off. Until the sad day comes and he announces his retirement for good, he is to me - Diarmuid Connolly, the Dublin footballer. Just as Jack McCaffrey and Paul Mannion were when they were away in 2014 and 2016.

If you are able to make that complete break in your head, fine, good for you. I can’t. I imagine I am like most Dublin supporters, who will take more than a passing interest in what he gets up to. I want what’s best for him in the long term and if a years break is what he needs to do after a rather mental 2018, then good luck to him. Will the media report on anything newsworthy that he does, or is rumoured to about to do. Yes, they will. Will I read it? Yes, I will. Will I be all that bothered about it? As long as it’s not overly intrusive or disrespectful, then no I won’t. I honestly don’t see the big deal if the media reports his possibly going to the States, not when lots of other high profile players summer time movements get reported on too.


The “fact” that Diarmuid Connolly is pregnant with Bernard Brogan’s twins (hence the year off from GAA) will be reported by who first, Martin Breheny or John Fogarty?


That’s some fucked up shit, my money is on The Sun.


The Immaculate Reception?


Am getting it.


Yeah I heard that too… Along with the rumour that he won 14.5 million in the euro lottery when done a quick pick in Castlebar