Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Kilmacud wing back Cian O Connor, if you’re looking at club form, looks an exceptional scoring wing back . He’s worth a look for the Dubs, better than the other Crokes defenders already on the panel. IMO.

The other standout for me in April was Sean MacMahon from Raheny.


I would Madden with Ballyboden- but he is with the hurlers anyway.




Yeah, I know!


Same name. Different lads


I said it before, it’s maddening.


Did he retire from the showjumping? :wink:


Just after he checked his horse out of The Rutland Centre


Gavin didn’t really indicate when jack Mc Caffrey would be back in running for selection . It was reported that he played part of a game with club so that’s good news if not an indicator on where he’s fully at.

With Small our injured and Cian not back yet, it was interesting to see Howard back as a defender yesterday something that will continue until one of the others come back .

Costello wasn’t listed yesterday as a sub as wasn’t o gara


Ait wouldnt surprise me if O Gara is gone from panel.


Gavin has a weird way of working the panel, players tend to drop in and out of favour all the time, I mean who expected Costelloe’s appearance in 2016, a player can disappear for a few games and then all of sudden appears again on the bench or in the starting line up.


Flynn looked sharp.


Except for his shooting kicked 2 wides and one in to the keepers hands as far as I remember. Great to see him back though.


I thought Flynner was poor tbh. He seems to be trying to hard - needs to relax a bit IMO.


Flynner shooting is usually hit and miss at the best of times , When on his game he is breaking up play and linking up attacks also making runs for kickouts. I thought yesterday his energy looked to be back and he looked sharper , yes a few miss kicked balls , but after his operation it would be great to see a fit Flynner for rest of Championship.


Thought he was moving very well, fielded a great ball and generally looked very busy. I’ll forgive him the rest.


Another little Brogan on the way :clap:


Good, we need to start looking at who we can draft into the squad for the 25 in a row.


I think it might even be twins!


Were you at the conception or you just living up to your name?