Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


100 percent he owes dublin and gaa absolutely nothing . Living in a constant public bubble for over 10 years is ridiculous for an ameteur player . No other player has ever been so scrutinised . I can see why he’d walk away as say ■■■■ this . Best of luck to him . He’s decision our loss but good luck to him . Is he not entitled to sit back enjoy his life and live a little


I just love this. When other teams / players are tailoring their whole lives around peaking for every game and even going so far as to brush their teeth with their weak hand (take a bow Mayo), MDMA just shows up when he’s told to play a bit of ball. The word ‘legend’ is over used, but MDMA most definitely has the makings of one!


Stark contrast to the likes of Darren O’Sullivan or Donkey quitting their jobs to focus on gaa fully.
MDMA certainly has a life outside of the gaa , that’s for sure !


Come on. McAuley does exactly what he’s told when he’s told. Like the rest of them. He might be a character but he’s no rebel. You can’t be these days.

Great interview with Johnny Pilkington in last Sunday’s Times.


I didnt say he was a rebel . And i think those quotes were him taking the piss tbh.
Im just saying i think theres more to life than the gaa for him.


It was a fairly banal interview I thought. Hardly Roy Keane/Saipan stuff. Johnny was a good hurler who liked a pint- did nt we know that in the last century.


It was nice to be reminded that you could once be like Johnny and play inter county.


Johnny was the poster boy but He prepared better than 5 or 6 at least others on that team.

They all coukd hurl both sides in air and on ground, and they might have no fancy stats about tackle count but won more 50 50 balls than they lost.

Different era, now we try to make athletes hurl, then they tried to make hurlrrs fit


For sure but that’s a long way from great interview.


Maybe but in the 90s everyone who played in the 70s/80s were better hurlers and in the 70s the lads in the 60s , you get my point I m sure. Do people expect hurlers/footballers to get slower or fatter with each generation?


I agree 100% Nostalgia is a weird thing, seldom negative.:slight_smile:


Nostalgia is a thing of the past …

I saw a hurling final between Cork and Galway (I think 1990 final) on eir recently and was shocked by the standard - it was awful. Basic striking, free taking etc was woeful.


I remember somebody said the same thing on the old site.
Only better. :wink:


I agree but how much is down to better equipment as opposed to better hurlrrs nowadays.

Tg4 gold exposed a lot of myths…re the past…

But Offaly in the 90s were super entertainment befor during and after matches… no was at duignan and feel i’compass,( rip) wedding and it was a classic.

Will the current generation of highly trained enjoy themselves as much. Look at all the Dublin footballers who chose to opt out of the team holiday …

Totally off topic anyways apologies


Better pitches, better physios etc . But unless we want to go back to when putting sheep on a pitch was the best way of keeping the grass short progress is welcomed. The Dublin footballers seem a well rounded and content bunch to me who enjoy what they re doing. What are they missing out on that previous generations of players had. Massive amounts of drink it appears to me and is it a bad thing they are missing that?


Happy to say that I am covering that side of things for the lads. :+1:


So there was more emphasis on hydration in the good old days? I thought we were saying prep has got out of hand since then.
Its hard not to argue that the hurling championship(Munster, occasionally Leinster) was way better before the qualifiers came in. However the decline of Munster counties compared to Kk is also the reason.


Jaysus, I’m nearly worn out swallyin’ pints on their behalf in the last 6 years alone.
Not to mention what I swalleyed since '74.
I suppose I’ll have to try and keep up. Hard work!!


Did ya get back home for any of them ?


Did ya get back home for any of them ?

I didn’t run away until '84 but since then I’ve been at the '16 and’17 Finals and a goodly few other Champo games throughout the years. It never tires. Nothing like it. I was at the Monaghan loss in March. Halfway line in the Hogan. The loss didn’t phase me but it was magical watching those lads hare around Croker like it was a small back field. We are very fortunate to have such an abundance of gifted footballers.