Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


could be, or indeed could be a million reasons, however since Apple are doing it in Germany it shows they can do it here. I take the point as to the size of the markets, but 3 dont sponsor Waterford to sell mobiles in Tramore.


Lads the Dublin newsletter just mentioned we’re on the Sunday at 4pm, did anyone else see confirmation of 27th @4pm throw in or is my heads just in the clouds too long? Actually don’t answer the 2nd part.


@Boarddelegate1 posted it here a few days ago.


Well to be fair I would not sponsor cork either,they seem to have a tendency to do all the wrong things with it. They would probably try add another stand


I see Shane Carthy played for Vincents last night in a league game. Is that a bad sign for him or have players been released to the clubs?


only fringe players allowed play from the looks of it. How far away from a competitive match are they now


Just over 2 weeks … looking forward to it!!


He said competitive! !!!


August, if even then.


so basically outside the 10 or 12 day rule if that was to be put in place. Decent competitive leagues games with the clubs might do them no harm until it hots up later in the summer


But did he build the aquaducts?


No - that bloke that does be on here did that … what’s this his name is …eh … @Roman


Flynner played last night also,


Cluxton lined out for Parnells last night too apparantly.


Yeah well sure he’s only a fringe player.


Well he is, isn’t he? He’ll never get a look in at wing back under Gavin. :face_with_monocle:


Strictly a bowl-cut, no secret.


Did Clucko not wear 13 for Hotel Chanel in championship?


Usually 7 I think


Chanel No 5