Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Careful now lads the Pun Polizei don’t appear to have an appetite for puns


@Rochey’s one was so cheesy, it was mozzarella… “I’m loving it” he wasn’t heard saying.


It’s ementhal my dear Watson!


Are you a socialist bigp? As my maths teacher said to Jimmy Murphy one day ‘Jimmy - if you have 4 shillings in one pocket and 3 shillings in the other, what have you?’ ‘Somebody else’s trousers Sir’ … says Jimmy.


And the rest.


Well after a million, I wouldn’t mind sharing a few bob, not sure if that is a real socialist though:)


Real Sociedad!


Agree plenty of money in Kildare. They squandered on outside managers and signing players from other counties.


■■■■■■■■■■■■■ stalked the tweets under the thread on the Dublin team laying a wreath at the Battle of the Somme memorial. His only contribution was to attack a tweet made by somebody praising the Dubs whilst having a pop at Cliftonvilles players. He made no comment on the Dubs. Zero. Not even a fair play. He instead spent the same time on his own page attacking the GAA for allowing us to have a sponsor. Tells you everything you need to know about that pathetic little weasel. Such a small little man.


Ah here. Can’t even mention his name either?




Lord of the O’Byrne County…


Lilyshite In Chief?


couple of things worth pointing out -

  1. The AIG deal was less than the Vodafone deal.
  2. When AIG came in they also sponsored the LGFA and Camogie Teams so we lost those sponsors as well.
  3. Mayo and Kerry can and do raise as much as we do, and because of their smaller population (even disconting the 85 year old grannies) a higher proportion on that money goes to their minor/under21/senior teams, and of course as Mayo and Kerry dont enter the Liam McCarthy, it means an added slice to the football division.
  4. Mayoman makes an interesting unintentional point. There seems to be a hatred (as we have seen by voldemorts tweet) to having “Big Companies” doing GAA sponsorship, esp if it is a foreign one. I’ve mentioned this before about “whackers pet shop” mentality. Likewise, the “Big personal sponsor” stuff. Thats ok, but AIG isnt?. I’ve said before that voldemort wants the GAA to be something from the 1950’s, this is a good example of it. The “big personal sponsor” thing, of course, is as shady as any backroom deal, a fine example of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours which blights irish business life and the GAA. But, you know, it keeps various office holders happy (in many ways) up and down the land so thats all right.
  5. I’ve put the Intel argument to Voldemort before. He stopped replying.
  6. There is a problem with AIG and before them Vodafone, but not 3, O2?
  7. There are, shock horror, bigger companies in Ireland than AIG, like Apple who are very big in Cork. Why (how) is Cork GAA sponsored by an insurance brokers and able to outspend Dublin? Maybe Ewan can turn his pulitzer prize winning eye in that direction, not to mention the PUC fuzzy maths. There are many more interesting financial stories in the GAA than AIG…


From what i remember , they do support some local teams , something to that effect . Always was surprised they didn’t do anything more high profile .
That’s a good point about Apple .Maybe there are some restrictions on them sponsoring Irish sports teams ?


There is an answer as to why likes of Apple in Cork never and Intel in Kildare to lesser degree rarely sponsor sports teams. its not related at all to failings of any GAA county board to knock on their door. “Apple is a Consumer - Technology brand. They are in the business of making innovative products which appeal to long lasting brand loyalty with consumers. They don’t operate under normal conventions of brand marketing.” (quora) People have half a dozen insurance, mobile companies, hotels to pick and its often spontaneous so brand attachment works for AIG, Three etc and in turn they sign up to GAA team sponsorship.


nice cut and paste job from here https://www.quora.com/Why-doesnt-Apple-sponsor-anything :ok_hand:

which means you actually went over the Google Result about their sponsorship of Bayern Munich to get there

There are alternatives to Apple and as a company with hugh surplusses of cash lying about its odd they waited till last year to start doing this. In any event - they have - so lets get back to the question again.

You gave me the classic Ewan reply as well “its not related at all to failings of any GAA county board to knock on their door” without telling us if there have been any attempts. Ewan vanished when I asked him that one.




I took the time to check out your assertion that Apple may not be sponsoring like of Cork because of failings of Cork GAA. It seems overly harsh criticism given that they have never done it.
The Bayern deal you quote “will see Bayern players and staff curate playlists and generate unique content for Apple Music such as football-related videos and interviews.” They’re picking a specific platform to promote their product.

Are we thinking of getting the Paul Kerrigan drive time tracks or the Frank Murphy desert island discs.

I’m sure most companies dip in to some degree but discussion was about primary sponsor (jerseys) which Apple dont do.


its still a sponsorship, and its over a year ago. and you skipped it to try and prove someone elses point.

chill sponsors cork GAA to the tune of €600,000 as per their 2016 accounts. Corks total income being over €2m (just over a million from gate reciepts)


A lot of multinationals have sponsorship caps per team and per event etc.
So despite all the money in the world that might rule Intel and apple out