Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Wait til he finds out AIG stands for All Ireland’s Guaranteed…


How much did Mayo spend last year? Over a million? Not sure if that was across all codes and genders or just the senior footballers.


And that was just on counselling.


Didn’t travel costs take up a big wedge of that ?


After all that crap from Paul Kimmage last September I hope Jim Gavin goes full David Pleat with his celebration should we beat Offaly or Wicklow.


Or just turns to the press box and does a Jose


On fire today! :+1:


Get over yourself. You do realize the further you go and longer you stay in The championship, the more €€€ you rack up.


No need to be sarky. The point was made to illustrate that the AIG sponsorship isn’t the blank cheque some that elements of the media would have us believe.



Here it is…from the Indo.

Interesting the number of single code counties who spend more than the amount AIG gives to all Dublin GAA codes. Not that facts will stop the media bleating.


Nothing but a poor lazy writer. Clearly went to the cso and pulled out the 1.4m population. That 1.4m includes my granny who is now 84 and my 2 year old son. Don’t think they are part of Jim’s plans this year.


Send that on to Ewan and ask him to do the numbers on that. So per head dublin spend about 1.14 euro where Mayo spent 11.82 per head and Leitrim spend 9.39. So the money argument makes fcuk all sense


And his beloved Kildare spends approx 3 times as much per head than Dublin.

Odious gobshite. He’d be better asking questions of the individual CB’s. But that would involve him doing some actual work


Your your using Dublin’s total population on your per head analysis yet when it comes to playing numbers we use a rough guess as to those interested in Gaa in Dublin ??

You can’t have it both ways


You’ll not hear me giving out about Dublin sponsorship and that’s only one income stream for Dublin.

Mayo do well from Elverys and some wealthy contributors worldwide but it is badly needed and spend in 2018 was down from 2017.

Kerry have Kerry group keeping their machine oiled.

Galway likewise with supermacs etc etc.


But the bulk of our money goes into our underage structures


No I was being a bit of an ass with the 1.4m as it is a stick we are beaten with on every occasion. But yes you are correct the number for Dublin should be lower.
I would be very interested in seeing the amounts spent over the unsuccessful periods in Dublin just out of curiousity.


Just don’t go along with the money argument, if county teams were struggling financially I would accept it, but as long as counties are able to afford training camps abroad or paying big expenses to management teams etc…, well I assume they are not short on the money front, I have always argued, if I have 2 million and you have 1 million, well I may have more than you, but we are both extremely wealthy and anything extra I can do with my money is surplus to our needs.


They have a second fast food company giving them another slice of the pie, also.


Mmmm, tasty. And indeed tempting no doubt.