Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


What… like an Xpose All-Ireland special?


Right over my head there …


It’s as about much interest, I reckon, TV3 would be willing to show.


Fronted by Paul ‘Bogman’ Galvin :clap:


It’ll be a long time before TV3 show GAA again, walked out on their last deal, owing money, in favour of rugby.


I’m not sure that was exactly the case @Mickholden2


Instead we get a load of over hyped Munster hurling.


Que a meltdown from Spewan, McGee etc…


Thought it was that TV3 was borderline bankrupt at the time of the last deal with no guarantee that they could pay the costs to Croke Park, so they went with Sky instead.

All changed now that they are owned by Virgin Media/Liberty Global…


Exactly. Very intelligent and unselfish player , He has also scored a few goals. Which is not bad , when you add that to being the best dead ball specialist out there.


Give it a few hours…


Such a bitter little man but whoa betide anyone who calls him out. Plays the victim card and ignores stats from people disproving his BS


We are going to do ■■■■ all about it Ewan except sit back and enjoy the moolah.


That sponsorship is 4 million over 5 years. So 800k a year. It’s ok, but it’s nothing earth shattering.


I wonder if we are going to get a new jersey this year. It’s been two years since they launched the current one, but they are leaving it rather late to launch one for the start of the championship. Perhaps renewing the sponsorship was holding things up


Kerry get similar off the Kerry Group if I’m not mistaken and that’s not including what they get from their ‘fundraising’ trips to America


And it includes the women’s teams, which most sponsorships don’t.


Dear Spewan,

Maybe if other counties got the finger out and promoted their Teams, or go looking for better sponsor than they currently have…

Thanks Liam


I am sure it is one of the highest sponsorships, but numbers are thrown around without any context in the GAA. People will tell you the huge number of backroom staff that Dublin have, but they don’t know what is the norm.

In terms of finance, it includes womens teams as you say, but also every team that is included will probably be going right up to the end of the various competitions, unlike other counties who are finished in June.

But most importantly, in terms of coaching, the money has to serve a vastly bigger population. There is a disparity in the GAA, but it is a population issue, not a financial one. In terms of finances, Dublin could probably do with more to address the black spot areas for GAA in Dublin


You have Intel in Leixlip for example. I wonder did the CB of Spewans own beloved county get up off their holes and see if Intel would be willing to sponsor.

HP were in Kildare for a while too IIRC