Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Dean Rock has been … a rock. There is a huge amount to his game now beyond free taking. Link up, tracking back - he is completely unselfish.


Will Michael Fitzsimons score his first Dublin point this summer?


Who cares as long as he keeps doing what his primary role is. We have enough lads to score points


Before last year’s AI final he scored 5 points from play in 5 games…that’s a poor return for an inside forward.


Are you serious? He scored 7 points in the All Ireland final - 4 from play - including that tap over at the end. Is that not enough for you? Would you prefer ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■?


Yes I’m serious.


I think if you look at all the Dublin goals scored, the majority of them have passed through Rocks hands at some stage. If they haven’t, he has usually taken a defender away.


Let’s park the fact that he is, without a doubt, the best dead ball player in the country, by a fair bit.
Let’s park that his conversion rates for dead balls are the kind of numbers that would please Asian Parents.
Let’s park the fact that he finds a way to put the ball over the black spot, even with guys throwing shit at him, in the dying moments of an AIF in front of 80K screaming attendees.
Let’s park the fact that he always seems to be in the right place, at the right time, when balls are being delivered in.
Let’s park the fact that his running and off the ball work are second to none.
Let’s park the fact that his scoring from play is improving year on year.

But other than that, yeah, you might have a point.


Really? Really?

Are you some disgruntled corner-back club footballer who was taken to the cleaners in a club game by him, or something?
I don’t think even @TheLoneRanger would have the nerve to assert something so outlandishly off-the-mark.


Err @jimmy1 you do realise Rock also had three championship goals from play before last years all Ireland final ? Against Westmeath, Kildare, Monaghan ? More goals than any other player ?

You are talking gibberish my good friend.


Think jimmy just doesn’t like kickhams, he had rochey wound up regarding a post rochey had regarding Connolly. C mon jimmy come clean.


He’s also useless when it comes to knowing what a Dublin forward does from play .


I used to think Rock was a flat track bully but how anyone could look at his contributions over the last two years and think he doesn’t contribute beyond frees is beyond me . He has developed into an excellent forward and could’ve won player of the year in the last two years .


Ah here yoda what about his 2 points from play in both games v cork and Kerry in 2013. Winning point v Tyrone in same years league final. He has nt been out of a Dublin lineup in league/ championship since April 14. Considering the array of talent that’s some achievement. Now the egg in the coddle…


Match against Offaly/Wicklow won’t be on live TV


Whenever they did it to me I always burst out crying. Gets them every time.


Bad news for those of us living abroad. I suppose that’s what you get for adding loads of games to both championships and doing nothing with the TV deal.

When’s the last time a Dublin champo game wasn’t televized?


Longford 2006


It’s outrageous! I mean what if we get beaten? The whole country and many parts of Britain, America, and Australia will be up in arms for not being able to have seen it live!

They’ll probably blame us for that too.


I was talking to a guy who works in TV just before lunch and he was pointing out the same thing which I hadn’t really realised. There are very few early round games live - not even Tyrone v Monaghan. As a result of the all the extra games the tv companies are keeping their fixtures for the latter stages. Bit of a daft deal it looks like - seems to me that if done right TV3 might even have got in on some action.