Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Ahh Jaysus I know, just saying that I think Dermo will be a fixture in the 15 till 34/35. A bit like Gooch in Kerry or Sean Cavanagh in Tyrone, he is just that good.


Very possibly…but Kerry and Tyrone don’t have the depth in their panels, the way that we do in ours. That plays a role too. Even when Cooper or Cavanagh are having a run of poor form, or just bad day at the office, they still start the next day and are generally left on for the full 70 minutes, unless they are injured. That doesn’t tend to happen as much with Jim Gavin’s Dubs, as he has a much stronger panel to draw upon.

Father Time is going to cut Dermo’s legs out from under him eventually & it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

(Am being the harbinger of doom here. Al seems to have given himself the winter off. The lazy slacker.)


I know our minors haven’t done very well the last 3 years but if you can still pick two or three players every year you will be doing well. Evan Comerford Brian Howard and Paddy Small are three lads from the 2015 team I expect to make it. Shane Clayton Andrew Foley Colm Basquel and Con O’Callaghan from the 2014 team. Thats 7 players from 2 years. Eoin Murchan another from 2014. Dave Byrne Shane Carthy Eric Lowndes and Cormac Costello from our 2012 All Ireland winning team. Ross McGowan Conor Mullaly Robbie Gaughan Niall Walsh Conor McHugh Niall Scully Gavin Burke Maitias Mac Donnacha and David Campbell are fellas who could still become regulars. Thats just since 2012 so plenty fellas to look at.


Well he kicked 3 points to win the all Ireland … oh no wait now


In 2013 final against Mayo Gavin started a 19 year old and two 20 year olds. Obviously Because Gavin felt they were better than what was already there.
I think it’s a sign of how strong this current team is that you couldn’t see that happening now. We have a strong team sprinkled with all age groups , players in their late twentie , mid twenties and then 3 starters from the u21 2014 All Ireland winning team. Fenton, Small and David Byrne.
The mix is good .


Are you having a laugh B?


Don’t buy that . And it’s s very silly statement . Some clubs do that too and they wonder why they have huge lulls between winning things . They win things for a few years and then disappear for 10-12 years

Players off winning underage teams in general are of better quality and you get more of them . You get the odd one like Connolly off a poor underage team but not many

Our resent minor record is utterly shambolic with our resources


It is a huge huge problem. If it is a management issue it is fixable. If it is a player standard thing, it is major. This year, minor football is the most important grade we have.


Sure how many all ireland minor titles have we won since 84?


Can you not just accept when you get something wrong. As of yet Costello has not made the breakthrough and I could not be bothered but I am sure if I looked back over the last year I would find lots of posts wondering why he wasn`t figuring more regularly. 3 points in an All Ireland final does not define making a breakthrough, Lots of players have made a huge impact in a game to go on and never be heard of again, I am sure that will not be Costello’s case but we will talk about having made the breakthrough when he is a regular starter in the champ or he has a clear role as an impact sub,
As for Con O Callaghan having made the breakthrough, well I presume you were joking.


Can actually getting on the pitch in a championship be not construed as a break into the first team . Do the lads have to be starting regularly to say they made a break through . Considering the panel we have , coming on in the closing stages of an AI Final must be considered that . If Jim didn’t think Costello was up to it there’s no way he would have brought him on when there was so much at stake . Or else he had no other options :upside_down_face:


First of all getting on to the team at all is a great achievement for anybody, after that it is open to interpretation, but I think in the context we are talking about, most would feel that in a case like Costello making a breakthrough would be to improve his current position and establish himself as a starter. Since he firat came on the panel, there has been little or no progress as regards getting more game time.


You make plenty sill statements on here loneranger but we won’t drop to your childish level. The facts are most county minor teams will get at max 5 or 6 players if they’re lucky. That’s counting all ireland winning teams. How many of our 84 winning team made it. Ciaran Walsh and Paul Clarke. Jim Stynes probably if he stayed around. Thats 3. How many of the 82 team. Joe McNally Mick Deegan Eamon Heery Declan Sheehan for a while. Thats 4 . Go back to 79 John O’Leary Ciaran Duff Barney Rock. Thats 3 . As you can see it’s hard for various reasons to make it. We have been lucky in that we have had good u21 teams recently. I was saying that if we can get 7 or 8 from the 2014 and 2015 minor teams we would be doing very well. If you win at minor or you don’t if you can get 3 or 4 every year you would be doing well.


Tbh I think if Costello has a good league Bernard should drop to the bench in the championship. If scoring 3 points in the last say 10 to 15 minutes in an AI replay doesn’t prove your good enough I don’t know what will . Hell obviously have to prove himself on a regular basis in the championship but he must be given the chance if he motors well in the league .


He is very left footed and gets blocked down alot


I can’t accept being called wrong when I’m clearly right. Anyone who has been MOTM in a senior Leinster Final has made the breakthrough. Whether he is selected or not at varying stages is irrelevant.

And anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot quite frankly


Very classy I must say. So according to you a player does not have to get his game to make the breakthrough, I understand making the breakthough onto a senior inter county team as getting picked and keeping your place and it is not about Costello, it is about any player. But either way I accept your opinion, just don`t agree with it, but unlike you I don’t think that those who don’t agree with me are idiots, I would like to think I have a bit more class than that.


Its OK , Bart is still dining out on his prediction about Fenton :joy:. But joking aside its a healthy debate which can only be good . I’d love to have Bart’s conviction about certain things , he’s been wrong before remember !


The irony here is that the player mentioned most and his father both acknowledge that he still has to make the “breakthrough” but perhaps quite frankly they too are idiots


I think this is going to be the new buzz word this year . All we need is another repeat of the first AI last year to see the main stays been slung ashore & a few of the younger lads been brought on to make the breakthrough !