Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Dean is a given. I hope. In that post I was taking certain things for granted. I’m saying I think Paul and CK will be the main men in the forwards this year. Paul the X-factor.
Too much expected of Con this year.


Galway is the only one I can think of but still think they are a bit behind us.


If you go back 4 or 5 years ago, we were considered to be very vulnerable then too. We had all that craic about not having a good fullback line and being vulnerable to a high ball etc.

But off course we can be beaten, there have been very few years, if any, when one team was a sure thing to win an All Ireland. We should win at least one of the next two or three and that is the best I think anyone can expect to be.

Personally i think there is too much looking at form lines and mangers and all sorts of extraneous stuff. To see the best teams you just really need to see who has the best footballers. I think we do, but marginally, and that margin is too close to call on a given day against Mayo, Kerry or Galway. I think the margin against the other teams is bigger, but we are entering a new era where all the main challengers (except Mayo) have newish teams, so we don’t know how teams will perform on the big days.




I’d argue there’s a massive gulf personal wise between ourselves and Kerry.

How many of their lads would get near our starting 15?


Check out @SommeAssoc’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SommeAssoc/status/993039426765905921?s=09


Great to see so many comments suggesting other nationalists could learn from this example and be less bigoted …


While we may have been weakened by the loss of Berno and DC, I think all of the other main challengers have also been weakened, yet I feel our new lads in the league (Basquel, Howard, Murchan) are a lot stronger additions than what Kerry, Mayo etc have brought through, also something I feel Dublin do above a lot of others is having all players coming in are extremely fit and strong in recent years (bar maybe Scully and murchan who are a bit light) and I wouldn’t worry too much about any “ weaknesses” all of the pundits are discussing


In the new format from the quarter finals to the semi finals, a team will play 4 games in 6 weeks. First two group games on consecutive weekends, a two week break then 3rd group game and semi final the following two weekends. Squad depth will be a big factor, although the 3 group games will be over 70mins plus injury with no extra time, the ability to replace a like for like player, may prove the difference.


No right … but ye just keep on doing it …


They shouldn’t be made do this political shite.

Unionists have no problem shoving their politics down our throat


I would have Geaney any day and one or two more. But we possibly do have the better 15.


Is it a fair comparison? A lot of their squad were still in nappies when we began our current run of success. That’s not their fault. There is no saying how good they’ll really be, until they’ve a bit more experience under their belt.




I think there is a comparison at u21. Last year they had a team where they all (except one I think) had minor All Ireland’s, yet we still won the U21 AI.


And only one year of the 21s squad won a leinster Minor title too!


Yet three (O Callaghan, Murchan, Howard, I think?) of that minor team have senior All Ireland medals now…


True for you Cait Jim. True for you. A pig in a poke is worth two in the bush. Yada yada yada.


A few More I think! As far as I know, basquel and Clayton also won medals in 2016


Where is Leeroy?