Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Tell that to Leroy and those that have followed his example.


Galway perhaps, as they bed in players from last years U-21s. Kerry should be getting stronger as their young lads mature but that waits to be proven.
Possibly Tyrone if they transition a change in tactics well.


This year is going to be different for every county, the super 8 will mean that teams are going to have to get used to playing week in week out and alot will depend on how they prepare for such an intense calendar, before a lot of the top counties were waiting 3 and 4 weeks for a game, now they are going to have a game a week for four weeks if they make the semis and if they come through the qualifiers they could be out nearly every weekend of the summer.


From what I hear Leeroy does not give a sh… about anyone, heard there is every chance that he will be tracking Comer next week, should be some fun there…


Many will rightly argue that his ‘battles’ with Connolly were a highlight of the past few years, and that they’d much rather see bits of brilliant attacking that is very hard won.

For me the balance was wrong, and because of Mayo’s needs and the rules or interpretation of them and the culture of allowing off the ball stuff two great talents at their peak were more wasted than enjoyed. We saw far too little of both players attacking greatness against each other, and then it became a template for every opponent, nullify the oppo’s best attacking players by any means allowed.
A real shame that let the game down. In contrast to hurling.


I don’t really get where it’s being accepted that there is a vulnerability about us or where there is any evidence any county senses this.
I think it’s more a case of its the start of the championship and the pundits are asked their opinions , like Kilkenny in the hurling over the Years, pundits look for slight chinks in the armour and try to be the first to say I told you so. Sure it would be boring reading otherwise.
If anything we had one of our strongest league campaigns .
I think a Tyrone, Kerry or Mayo defender this year would rather face Brogan than Con or Mannion.
We have a better midfield now than 2013. I really hope Flynner makes an impact this year after his operation. Its great to have him around the young players and pushing the likes of Howard. but the truth is his contribution on the pitch has been patchy for the last 3 years (although injuries have played a huge part ) a resurgent Flynner would be brilliant .
If are fortunate to get to a semi final or Final this year for me injuries would be the only thing that might cost us in a tight game. Jack’s injury last year meant without Connolly coming on we could of lost the game.
Going forward this year Connolly loss will be impossible to measure . He is a huge big game player , who gives the opposition a lot to think about. . But Tyrone game last year showed what we can do, if we haven’t got his services.
I think the team is getting a very good balance to it now. Hopefully we will be even more ruthless this year.


The point about Brogan is his loss to the squad, and the back-up he provided at vital stages of the biggest games. Even simply his presence as an iconic father-figure of this era. We’ve absorbed some losses since 2011 but eventually it can be one (or this year possibly three) too many. When we lost in 2014 the absence of Ger, Denis, and if I recall right, an injury-affected period for McCauley cost us dear.

Alot will also depend on COS making a full recovery including being up to full match speed by later summer. This is far from a given and if it doesn’t come off he will be a massive deficit for us. We really need Jack back in full flow, and again that is far from a given. Alot of potential issues yet to be dealt with.


Good man Al,
You have a problem for every solution. Every year is far from a given. Their are no certainties in football. If we want to find plenty of reasons why something can’t happen they usually aren’t hard to find.


Ciaran Kilkenny was also injured in 2014 and missed Donegal game.


Sorry for not completely agreeing with you and trying to have a discussion. I’ll head off and find a discussion forum to provide for my needs. Thanks for putting me straight, good man


Take a chill pill , it’s a bank holiday enjoy the weather.


I wouldn’t be too concerned about Bernard being missing, we have been work towards a replacement there in recent years. He can still be about the squad injured or not.

What concerns me most is that in the white heat of a AI semi or final, we will need guys who can really stand up and take hits, win ball and use it right. If we are fielding a team with 5 or 6 forwards under 24 we will struggle

So I think we need a fit and rejuvenated Flynn badly, ideally and hopefully DC is wandering back around August time too.


Good post. Hopefully DC at some stage might want to come back only if he is happy to do it and has the appetite for it. But still I think the likes of Howard can have the same type of impact as Fenton did in 2015. But part of me thinks that this years chalkenge will be difficult regardless of where the opossotion is. But if we don’t make it I hope Mayo get over the line at Kerry’s expense. Couldn’t tolerate them winning. Just couldn’t.


We won’t be, Mannion, Kilkenny and Rock will be 25 or over, it is also likely that one of Paddy Andrews, Kev Mc and O Gara could start, it would be difficult to find a forward line in Ireland with so much experience of winning big games.


I think you’re overstating the need for Flynn tbh. We hardly had him at all last year and we coped just fine. Add in Howard this year and I think we’re more than looked after in the half forward line.


How would that go down?


So what you’re saying is Berno is a big loss. Yep, I agree.

Look the key forward for us right now is Mannion. I actually think he will be better again this year. The biggest fear I have is CK not being able to maintain his nat league role because of the injuries. I think Mannion and CK leading the forwards will terrorise all comers. If we can kerp it together in the back division.


Disagree, would have Con and Dean more key than Mannion.


C Kilkenny featured against Mayo in 2012, yes? Apart from that game, he hasn’t lost a senior football championship game with Dublin.


Kilkenny and Rock are our number two forwards right now in terms of importance

Mannion and Conn would be next

We have a good few to choose from from the rest that will more than do well . But obviously the loss of DC would be very big