Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


It’s just listed for the weekend of Sat 28th/Sun 29th May. I’d imagine the final call will be made when the result of the Wicklow v Offaly (and therefore the proposed venue) is known.


Leinster Chair was talking during the week about avoiding clash with CL final but Dublin match was not mentioned at all so I think it’s Sunday as far as they are concerned.


I saw that, had me wondering if it was decided. All shall be revealed I suppose.


Confirmed as 4pm Sunday 27th. In Portlaoise if Wicklow, in Tullamore if Offaly.


Listening to RTE 1 preview of championship TOS reckons we could be vulnerable " they are not as good as they where 4/5 years ago " yeah we have only won 4 leagues and 4 All Irelands FFS !!


He has a point, in my opinion, in that Dublin may well be somewhat off where they were in 2013. The problem for everyone else is that, with age and injury, the other main challengers (Mayo, Kerry and Donegal) have each regressed in that same period, probably more so than Dublin.


I’d reserve judgement on where we are exactly until end of June. By then we’ll know if key players like Cian jack mc and Diarno will feature in August or not. And please god we don’t pick up more injuries


Hope we’re somewhat off where we were in 2014 …


In 2013 we were so open at the back exemplified by that semi final against kerry ,that was never rectified till donegal the year after , that defeat was the making of that team and set us up for a 4 in arow this year.


Lot of players, managers & pundits from our main rivals calling out that we are vulnerable this year. And that’s before you get on to the gargantuan hurt and hunger in Kerry! Think there’s element of wishful thinking & trying to convince themselves.

We’ve transitioned in a number of new players last couple of years who look as if they can keep the team close to standard we have been at - Howard, Con, Scully & Basquel. Other younger players from 2/3 years back - KK, Jack, Fenton are now maturing into top, experienced players. And we still have Flynner, MDMA, Cian and more who are capable of keeping to the standards they’ve set. Fingers crossed DC also.

All in all we’re doing ok. JG will focus only on Dublin. The rest of it is just meaningless noise.


Would make sense.
It would be mad from a marketing point of view to put it on the Saturday night. which already has Liverpool in the Champions League Final, as well as either Leinster/Munster in the Pro14 final. Although the Pro14 are talking about starting early to avoid a clash.


Take out the naivety and we were very strong in 2014. Only ourselves to blame.


Dublin have absorbed the loss of a number of key players over the years - and have used these losses as inspiration to drive on - but I’m not sure we can accommodate the loss of Connolly and Brogan in one go. Mannion, Con and others are progressing nicely to compliment Kilkenny, Fenton etc but it’s a substantial and significant loss of experience and nous of winning in tough situations. No wonder the rest can sense vulnerability.


What have the rest got? Tell me one team who is stronger than the last couple of years?


Perhaps with those losses Dublin are getting weaker. Connolly and Brogan have earned a level of respect (and fear) which means a defender maybe stands off a touch. The younger lads don’t have that yet. Mayo have been close, that’s all it might take.


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Thank goodness for the common sense of Oisin McConville. That’s pretty much what he said too. We may be weaker this year with no Dermo, Berno & a rehabbing Jack Mc, Cian, Flynner etc etc. But so are the other main contenders. There is no way in hell, the 2018 Mayo & Kerry are as strong as they were in 2013.


It’s dublin all Ireland to lose. There are no certainties in sport and we could be crucified with injuries. Howard and basquel had great leagues but until they are playing in front of 82,000 v a mayo or Kerry in an all Ireland semi final that’s when we know if they are Dublin footballers. We have the players though and we have a manager who knows what to do , and unless we are unlucky with injuries we should do it. The spine of the team is immense, Cluxton , McCarthy , Fitzsimmoms ,Fenton,Kilkenny,Rock,Mannion,o Sullivan. Too many questions about Kerry mayo Tyrone for me . Consistency is our greatest asset imo and that usually sees us through.


But for lack of a plan B that would have gone down as our greatest year of the whole era, IMO. Incredible football. I think Gavin must still really regret missing out on winning an All-i in the style with which we played that year, and with players like Connolly and Flynn at their peak. The ambition of it was a great thing.


The thing is compared to this stage in 2013 we are pretty much at the same level, league champions having won 5, drawn 1 & lost 1 in the regulation rounds (our score totals are even very similar, having a slightly better for total this year and a slightly worse against total). Compared to 2014 (W4, D1, L2) we are even better this year. Bearing in mind we only returned to training just before the start of the league this year I don’t know how people are objectively saying we are a worse team this year.