Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Being honest I never really got the verbals thing, if someone says something offensive to me and they mean it, it would upset me, but if I know the guy is only saying it to wind me up I honestly don’t think it would effect me in the slightest.


Think it would depend what they say to u. With Connolly doubt the verbal stuff bothers him too much. But when they’re at him physically a the time his patience obviously will only last so long.


They all piled in on the way to the dressing rooms at half time too if I recall. And that’s from his own.


That’s correct, a bit of a scuffle and quickly moved on.



Dermo - The Peace Maker. :rofl: :rofl:


I agree there and he deffo gets a lot of that.


He is not at the standard for intercounty hurling. There is better on the Vincents team that probably won’t make the county team. He is very good, and he would have the athleticism, but it wouldn’t be enough.


If he focused soley he could be easily at that standard… but agreed he won’t be in the dublin senior hurling squad this yr, but he might be nxt yr :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:


He would need to work seriously hard at it, he was a decent U21 county player, but there was better on that team. His athleticism would help him a lot, but I think at best he would be a sub.


It’s a pipe dream - or at certainly well-intentioned wishful thinking - to believe he could play inter-county hurling for Dublin at this stage.


He probably just wanted a run out . Stretch the legs .It’ll pass .


You mean right now or ever? Keaney managed it very well in less than a year, though he was playing club throughout I think?


Ever, I think it’s too late at this stage.


Gavin had been very supportive.
But as has been said , just wish Dermo the best and hopefully get to see him wearing a Blue jersey again.


“Did they only send two of you…”


Keaney was a much better hurler then Connelly, and had played senior county hurling before he took up with the footballers.

If Connelly tried it, I wouldn’t put it past him to achieve it, but he would have to play at a level he has never played at before.


Has the day/ date been set for Dublin’s first championship game?




Sunday 27th I think


Seems to be the general understanding now, not confirmed though?