Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


his off the ball work was good for Ballymun in previous seasons so he finally brought it into county games


I still think Berno and Jayo are/were the best at the auld off-the-ball running gig.


Berno i’ll totally agree with you, he made the right runs always, and most were off the ball due to what was outside him not seeing the pass, as intelligent a forward as we ever produced…


Totally. But I reckon both himself and Gavin saw the need to nail down a consistent reliable free-taker. That he has improved his all round game to what it currently is is a testament to Rock. (When he first came in he would contribute two points per game from play off the bench, then that seemed to stop. That’s my impression and I could be wrong.)

I think Cluxton taking the frees was always a needs must, and a stop-gap, when Rock proved himself it suited all for him to take them on. Plus, a keeper taking frees is rather naff these days.


Jayo was very clever with his off the ball running.


na fianna to OPER ???

in fairness a clever footballer who made the most of his ability set but i would rate Brogan miles ahead of him.


Berno came from a GAA-orientated household. I wonder what age he was when he first went to GAA nursery? As far as I know, Jayo was not from anything like that background. Both made an awful lot out of their talents. Jayo in his prime would have excelled in this current Dublin team, I reckon.


Jayo wasn’t a natural scoring forward but had a great football brain and as you said made best of his ability. You can see his coaching has paid off with the Dublin forwards especially with their off the ball movement.


I had the privilege of playing against Jayo in a Blue Stars/Dub Stars (??) game (2009).
He was at FF (with Mossy) and I was in goals for the Dubs in the second half (perfect vantage point to watch him operate). The lateral movement to create space in advance of the ball coming in was incredible.

Another great example of this that springs to mind was playing against Berno for OPER when he was only maybe 19/20 and he was playing inside with Alan and they were like telepathic with Nesty firing the ball into them from 11 it was a masterclass in forward play.


2008 O’ Byrne Cup Final at Parnell Park.
Jason scored 2 goals in last four minutes. Second goal won it & it was a brilliant finish. Crowd went mental, you would have thought it was the AI!


Back then, it felt as good as…


It is quite clear Dean has worked tremendously hard on his game - fair play to him


The missed frees in the 2014 semifinal. On this, does anyone know how many fress we actually missed in the that game? I haven’t watched it back but on the day I seemed to think we missed 3/4 decent chances when we were trying to get back into it.


That was it, nó more than that, it was the context of the game/period of the game as it was. We’ve missed a few in other games that we’ve narrowly won.


Jayo has been involved for three years under gavin running the forward line

Dean had three all Ireland’s and two all stars during Jayo’s term




So jayo kicked the free v Mayo then ?


Jay also told Cluxton how to do kickouts during the final, is there anything the man can’t do??


I hear he can’t get the figs into the fig rolls.


Twitter yesterday,
Although named to start, we won’t see Mark Schutte & Con O’Callaghan today as I seen Mark wearing a protective boot on the way in & Con alongside him with an ice-pack!