Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Agreed to some extent but I’ve got used to it to some extent, and very much the intelligence and complexity of it.


‘Rested’ Connolly is not necessarily the retiring type (via @IrishTimes) https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/gaelic-games/rested-connolly-is-not-necessarily-the-retiring-type-1.3462640


Vins going for 4 in a row. That’ll be news to 2016 All Ireland champions Ballyboden …


Indeed. 5 out of 6 sounds a lot better :wink:


It is reaching the logical conclusion of its rules. Professional games got there faster and made rule changes to sort it out. Imagine how boring basketball would be without a shot clock. We need either a shot clock, passing back past the half way line banned or limiting the amount of players per half. It can never happen because it is complex and the whole of Congress can’t make complex choices, it is too complicated for a large group of people.


The only way to liven basketball up is to give the players guns.

                   i think saying our team engage in "lateral handpassing" is a bit unfair- it drags up images of that odious cork team that were around from 2009 to about 2013.  they use to pass back and forward all day and get nowhere. ours is only done in the face of 12-14 defenders and tends to go in an arc from one side to another with plenty of foot-passing thrown in and it is always probing.  it is not "we're shite and can't get the ball from one end of the field to the other" and more "if you want to park the bus, we'll be patient but we'll get our scores nonetheless and yiz will be f88ked from running after us." blanket was a stain on the game and central council refused to act so the dublin team and jim solved the problem in a way no other team could including TKOTF.


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They’ve just set the bar higher than most and are planning to win the next three. No wonder Diarmo’s being rested.


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I think looking for the reasoning for it, or judging the reasons, is sort of pointless it just is what it is. The game now is vaguely interesting for a while, but I would find it very hard to watch a game like that as a neutral.

Teams are doing what they can to get an advantage, within the rules of the game, and that is how it should be. But the game isn’t evolving in a good way and that is no ones fault, but it needs correcting.


thanks for fixing that unbelievable. i remember the wife (a foreigner) and some of her family were complaning that the tyrone semi was boring alright but i thought it was one of the most enjoyable games i was at in years (we were winning, death of the blanket and all that). i just find the tactical stuff fascinating although i’ll admit to being a b-baller in my youth. that said, helter-shelters like kirrra 2013 will live long in the memory.


I think a shot-clock would be awful for aiming at a higher standard in gaelic games, the current game when played well is a fascinating chess match at times, let it play out, patience, concentration, intelligence, persistence/determination, and worked-out moves. There’s alot more space, and options/variations for gaelic footballers still than basketball players. American-dominated sports are far too pre-planned and manufactured for my liking. Except baseball.


Chess is not a spectator sport imho.

I’m finding Inter county football more and more difficult to watch.


. CLubs Senior Champo in most counties nearly as bad
I went to 2 champ matches with judes on Saturday and the intermediate win over Vincents was far more enjoyable to watch


There’s a really good podcast, 99% Invisible, with an episode on the shot clock in basketball and how it came about.

Youtube Link for anyone interested (10 minutes)


Agreed. And Club football is no different


I can appreciate that (apologies to any Vinnie’s lads! :slight_smile: )


Wasn’t at it but was told it was a good game.


It’s getting that way alright.