Dublin Senior Footballers 2018




“Dublin to blame for plummeting atmosphere at GAA matches!!”


I mean , really , what’s the point . Have Vincent’s got an agenda now with the media as well .


Kept Skerries guessing!


Eric Lowndes turning up to see the game caused some consternation I believe …


So even his own club are contributing to the media spec and playing games… its no wonder people won’t let it drop…
Although, be careful what we say, Alanoc was probably sent to cover the Reservoir end of the story!
Everyone from Dublin camp, Ciaran Kilkenny (who no doubt was told what to do & say in his interview), to his own club… there’s a big mastermind going on and later in the year, we’ll all be caught out when we think Eric Lowndes is been subbed on , only for Dermo to appear !
Its all about keeping the opposition guessing, part of the process you might say.
Either way, Stephen Rochford & Lee Keegan will think Dermo is off enjoying Cosmo’s in the sunshine when he’s sitting on the bench on AIF day, dressed up as Eric…

Sidenote*** i have absolutely no concrete information that Dermo drinks Cosmo’s, nor am I spreading rumours - dont want to add to the media mill !!

On a serious note, good luck in whatever you choose to do Dermo, thanks for the on pitch memories and if we see you in blue again, we will always have your back…

Regarding, my part in contributing to rumours above, I never said or spread… i knew you all heard… it was a mastermind question, BUT i did lay bait to set it off :joy: :fishing_pole_and_fish:… god i love ResDubs & Alan’s protection of his clubmates… He’d been too quiet and nice to everyone for my likings lately :blush:



As I assume there wasn’t any chance of DC playing last night, seems foolish to name him.
Would have been better to not list him as now only add further to click bait articles for another few weeks.


Seeing as no one here has a clue as to why Diarmo was named last night, means judging it in any form is completely pointless. Attributing a reason to something and then condemning the reason is just really having an argument with yourself.


To me there seems to be an element now of people standing back and saying ‘entertain me’ and being vaguely annoyed if we don’t hammer someone or play amazingly well.

There was a guy beside me at the league final who was working himself into paroxysms of anger about the Dublin performance (a game we were only behind in once). It was completely mental - but he wasn’t the only one.


Ah @wifi - you should have introduced yourself!


You have to admit that the lateral hand passing & working the ball back & to the sides isn’t exactly easy on eye though is effective against the blanket . The end of the play usually makes up for it .


The lack of a Crazy Corner on the “new” hill is a contributing factor also.


The sort of issue with hand-passing etc has been an issue for many years now, I recall many people being disgruntled with it, and the muted affect on the atmos, as far back as 2010. But they stopped complaining when we started winning the national trophies.


I agree, it’s crap looking (and personally I think it needs a rule change to stop 15 men back and the lateral stuff that results from it), but at the same time, we are there to support not really to be entertained.


that has already been said.

its only a matter of time before some idiot posts on social media that there is no point in his kids doing u7’s football in (insert county) given that the dubs will win the all ireland anyway.

Which isnt a million miles away form some of thhe things bitter and his ilk are saying.

How many national titles has coady won in 20 years again??


section c?


I’m my earlier days of going to the hill they was a strong element of you could go there and do what you liked. Id imagine it was even more pronounced in the 70/80’s. It had an atmosphere at times that was completely detached from what was happening on the pitch. The upgrading and security rethink knocked that element out of it.

Lack of provincial competition has played a big role too which is pretty obvious. Dublin fans now expect to win all Leinster games and the ‘sick in your stomach’ type atmosphere is now pushed to August. It’s not a Dublin phenomenon, it’s a successful one.

We’ve got glimpses of past atmospheres in the recent past. Meath put a run of scores on us a few years ago and their support gave it loads. It didn’t last thankfully.


Speaking of…
Did you see the video of Jim with Sylvesters… brilliant, what a man to give them his time etc…

But its hilarious that out of 2hours coaching, they posted the few minutes he spent on a handpass drill :joy::joy::joy:


Proper order. Give the culchies nothing!!


Exactly it I think, we play a very basketball type style at times, terrible to watch

Gaelic football as a whole isnt all that pretty anymore