Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I’m talking about people telling people what other people told them. Whoever they are. But they’re certainly out there. Some of the questions I’ve fielded and suggestions as to what the issue is have been ridiculous.

Time to leave it. No more comment from me now either.


The media don’t give the square root of six fucks about DC. Though what ‘bad boy’ will they write about now if he takes the year off. It was a witch hunt last year.


He is spending 10 weeks down the country alan and we’ll you no it


Personally I think there are two problems those who spread rumours without having a clue if there is any truth in them, and those who insinute they are in the know, as those insinuations create curiosity.


In the know or not in the know - it’s not our business. Our only job is to thank him for the moments of magic he has bought to date.


Only saying if you insinuate you know something, it is logical that people begin to ask. I personally would just not post anything if I didn’t want to be asked. There will always be rumours about such a high profile player, may not be right but that is the way it is and there is no point in trying to tell people to stop spreading them as it just creates more.


What fuelled the speculation tonight was that being named to start for Vincents and not playing. Just gives more for media to talk about.


Named in the program ? Was he even in the panel ?




Seen it on two social media pages showing a teamsheet. Named at centre forward. But the usual begrudgers had a field day as usual.


F*ck that, there’s a seven-in-a-row to be achieved… Dermo, your brethern need you.


Getting home, as I do, for the odd championship game each year, the atmosphere, year-on-year (outside of AI semi’s or finals), seems to have plummeted. I think it’s fair to say that the gradual switch from straight knockout, to 2nd chance, to the forthcoming multiple opportunities, has had a detrimental effect on the atmosphere at many games. The exceptional standard our lads have set, allied to having to think our way around the feckin’ blanket played their parts too.

I think the penny dropped for me on the shift in atmosphere when it turned out that I’d enjoyed getting to the home league game v Roscommon (2016) more than the AI Qtr-final 2017(!).

Chisler I may no longer be but I’m glad to have got to experience the sickly-stomach mornings, the blood-curdling in-match yelps and the pulsating, do-or-die days when provincial survival (never mind triumph) was all that mattered.

Yes, chislers, there was indeed such a time even though it may seem part of a long-lost galaxy, far, far away right now.

Someone shout “stop” if I’m starting to sound like Gay “there was a time you wouldn’t say to people that you played for Dublin” O’Driscoll






Just proving the point. Bit stupid naming him on program. Only giving others to add more fuel to to the fire.


Only get those in the last five minutes of AI finals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d agree , totally pointless if he’s not even in the panel . I’m sure there’s some method to this madness.


Absolute disgrace Thomás Brady wasn’t even on the bench tonight for Na Fianna, not a dickie bird mentioned in the Indo…ffs


TB or not TB


Winding the media up ? Knowing they’d take the bait ?