Dublin Senior Footballers 2018



He’s just been on RTÉ wearing a Buffon Jersey pushing the referee…

:joy::joy::joy::joy: is it too soon??


I don’t know the answer myself - all i know its a flaky enough response to fix games to venues based on the fact season ticket stand holders need to be seated. In the good old days of league games in PP , you were guaranteed a seat in the stand if you were there before a certain time , after that you’d be standing.

It took away from the Laois game in kilkenny that time.


I see an article in this mornings Irish Tumes solely about will Diarmuid Connolly play for Vincents tonight or not. The level of intrusion the guy gets is something I have never seen before. It is entirely his business if he plays a club game or not. Now GAA reporters, in fairness, tend to be much better then those covering other sports, but these are amateur players who can do what they want without having to explain themselves via the dreaded twitter statement every 10 minutes. It is to his eternal credit that he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself.

I said before here, I have never seen anyone get the on field abuse he does. I probably have never seen anyone actually play the amount of games he has done in the past either. Couple that with media treatment of the Carlow incident versus other similar incidents with other players and it would make you wonder why the guy would be arsed to put on boots.

All those supporters who jeer players (including Dublin supporters) need to realise these are amateur players playing a game, it’s not reality TV. What Connolly has endured isn’t correct.


So, ehhm, Tommy, is he playing or wha??


Excellent post WiFi.


If they haven’t driven him away altogether they’re doing a very good job of helping him on his way.




I presume everyone has heard the two strong rumors not related to taking a rest?


The Euromillions one and the about Donald Trump, A Scotsman and a Rabbi?


Ha a little more serious I would have thought…
Do us a all a favour though, tell us that one about Trump & the Rabbi


I presume that given the fact there are two seperate ‘strong rumours’ a pinch of salt will be supplied with each of them.


PM Rochey …


PM Rochey. Almost as bad as Boris.


I’ve heard about ten. And it really is about time the fucking idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about just shut up.


Who? Who are the fucking idiots?


I’d love to know.


But who are you giving out about? I don’t understand??


You should be ashamed of yourself for peddling blatant lies on a public forum, disgraceful. It was a rabbit not a rabbi.

Don’t mess with the four by twos…just ask Kevin Myers.



Indeed Alan, they’re everywhere!


I’ve already asked Alan twice who he is talking about but he won’t answer. Is it people here? Because otherwise if ye are asking the media darlings to leave him alone ye have two chances. Spillane went to great lengths to do him last year. If they think they can keep him off the pitch with all the speculation then they will do that with gusto. He sure needs head space but he won’t be getting any off that shower.