Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


this was the format sent out before congress
The current quarter-final stage of the championship to be replaced by a Group Stage, contested by the four provincial champions and the four round 4 qualifier winners.

The group stage will be organised on a league basis with two groups of four teams, with each team playing the other three teams once.

After the group stage is completed the top two teams in each group will progress to the All-Ireland semi-final with the Group 1 winner playing the Group 2 runner-up and the Group 2 winner playing the Group 1 runner-up

Order of fixtures in both groups

Round 1

Team 1 v Team 2. Croke Park

Team 3 v Team 4. Croke Park

Round 2

Team 1 v Team 3 or 4. Home advantage for provincial champions.

Team 2 V Team 3 or 4. Home advantage for provincial champions.

Round 3

Team 1 v Team 3 or 4. Home advantage for Team 3 or 4.

Team 2 v Team 3 or 4. Home advantage for Team 3 or 4.


Home venues shall be subject to approval by the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) and
shall meet the criteria set down by the National Facilities/Health and Safety Committee. CCCC shall
make the draws for Rounds 2 and 3.

The above fixtures format for the group stage means that each team will have one game in Croke Park,
one home game and one away game.

Tie-breakers in the event of teams finishing level on points (in order of application):

(i) Result of game between two tied teams (only where two teams are level on points)

(ii) Score difference

(iii) Highest score for

(iv) Goals scored

(v) Play-off match


Group 1 winner v Group 2 runner-up

Group 2 winner v Group 1 runner-up

(to be played over one weekend)


According to post above and Dublin being in group 2 and team 2( if Leinster champs).
Group 2: Ulster champions, Leinster champions, Munster runner-up (or qualifier team that beats them in Round 4), Connacht runner-up (or qualifier team that beats them in round 4)
Means team 2 will be playing:
Round 1 we will be playing in Croke park(designated for fixture)
Round 2 we will be playing in Croke park (designated as home advantage)
Round 3 we will play away ( as opposition have home advantage)
Round 1 is ulster champs v Leinster champs
Rounds 2 & 3 are team 2 ( Leinster champs) v the 2 teams that progressed from qualifiers . ( teams 3 and 4)
Which team we play in round 2 & 3 seems to be open so to allow swap for venue suitability.


Which would suggest for example if Ros and Tipp were the non Provincial Champ teams that Ros game would more than likely be in Croker and Tipp in Semple given it would be a choice between Dr. Hyde and Semple for our away game


Yes I think that’s correct or how I see it anyway. It’s just a little grey as to who decides the venue, I presume if team 4 has a suitable stadium we play away there. if not we play round 3 away to team 3 and play team 4 in round 2 in croker.


I wonder will this in time see more emphasis put on county grounds and conditions of them?
I remember a few years ago Kildare played a home league game against us in Croke Park because Newbridge only has a small capacity because a lot of it didn’t pass Health and Safety. And there would be plenty others too (I think Parnell also had it’s capacity lowered in the past few years).
What happens if Kildare for example get drawn as a qualifier in a super 8s group with two well supported provincial winners? Dublin and Mayo for example?
Would there be grounds that would only cater for numbers of season ticket holders for example?


season ticket/PP holders should be guaranteed a ticket and it be first come first served if there is limited seats.


TBH even though I am a stand season ticket holder, I wouldn’t mind if there was no seat for me as long as I was guaranteed admission.


same as - i have PP stand pass and if i had to stand for the odd game so be it


Oh I know they are guaranteed tickets.
But my question is, and I have no idea of the answer!
How many season tickets/PP Passes are there?
And how many season tickets would for example Kildare have?

Just looked up the capacity of Newbridge, 6,200 according to Wikipedia.
Is it possible that between Dublin season tickets and Parnell park passes, along with Kildare season tickets that it totals to more than 6,200?


Was thinking the same myself. eg If Louth got to this stage


It really should be the case that a ground used as a “home” venue in the Super 8 should be capable of holding 15,000 minimum unless the “away” team agrees to play at a smaller venue. Failing this, the “home” team should then be able to pick a venue outside of their county that can hold 15k or more, to which the away team cannot object.


Would I be right in thinking Laois and Wexford would be the only two who would have sufficient capacity and suitable grounds in terms of teams in Leinster?

Would have said Tullamore as well but doubtful Offaly will get this far

On the basis of something akin to Beekos suggestion above


Wouldn’t be far off. Dr Cullen would be ok but none of Meath, Kildare, Louth, Longford, Westmeath or Wicklow would satisfy Lord Beeko’s stringent conditions.


Beeko could resurrect his idea of first half and second half tickets…


A figure should be decided, be it 10,000 or 12,000 or 15,000.
Or else something proportional to a county’s population. Leitrim, for the size of population, has a much better county ground than most other counties. Maybe they shouldn’t be penalised if their stadium was to fall below a one-size-fits-all figure.


Double revenue!


I know i put this up before but i swapped my 2 stand tickets for last years final with a girl who is club treasurer with a mayo club in citywest - it was like little castlebar- she got 80 hill tickets .For the AI final in 16 and the replay she got the same allocation.


I’ve a season ticket since 2011 so I’m sorted. Plus I’m fully paid up member with my club where I coach. At the time I bought my season ticket I should of got my kids ones but they were very young. Now 7 years on Myself , wife and kids basically go to every game up and down the country. Have done as a family for the last 3 years We love it and the kids are fortunate to be able to watch a great Dublin team.
This has nothing to do with the word genuine fan or who is more deserving than others . Just to do with common sense and a bit of fair play. I see Gobshites sitting in Croker on All ireland final day who know nothing about Dublin. While my kids and wife who could name the squad backwards sit at home. They are allowed buy tickets for O Byrne Cup , league and Championship up to All Ireland semifinal. Then it’s a case of good luck, see you next year.
Off course in the bigger scheme of things it could be worse and Dublin getting to a final is the main thing. But i have to admit it’s annoying.


A genuine fan blows alot of hot air out of a computer.


Explains why mayo have so many tickets every year