Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I know a good few Mayo people who didn’t get tickets last year and they would be regular match goers and heavily involved in clubs etc…

I think the problem is that a lot of neutrals suddenly want to go now


There is a simple solution that is starting to happen with some concerts, you print the ticket holder’s name (plus club & county) on the ticket. You then have to show ID that matches the name on the ticket to get in. It would take a little more organisation from the GAA (sorting out allocations the week after the semi-final rather than the week before the final), but it should be possible to do this.


… is what you meant?


Also possible Group 2
Donegal (the Croke Park game)
Roscommon (away game)
Tipp (home game)

Could see us playing all three games in Croke Park in that scenario causing burst spleens from Ballybofey to Brazil.


QOTW, getting Ballybofey and Brazil in the same sentence yet making sense.


Nah Donegal and Roscommon games would be in Croker and Tipp game would be in Semple.

If we get Cork or Tipp in the Super 8s guaranteed that will be our away game.


Anybody know the method to be used to decide home/ away fixture ?


GAA has lost the run of itself. They go on about the grassroots which is only a myth now. It disheartening to see genuine fans unable to get tickets then you see likes of Stan Collymore and Steve Bruce attending games in corporate section. Wanted to get Parnell Pass for the club games. No doubt a lot of people have bought this pass to guarantee them for All Ireland final ticket if Dublin make it?


What’s a ‘Genuine Fan’ though?

Someone who attends all league and championship games?
Someone who attends all championship games?
Someone who attends some games but has never missed a final?

I don’t know any genuine fans that didn’t get an AI ticket recently. I also know a few other ‘genuine fans’ who only became ‘genuine fans’ around 2012/2013 once we started winning. When the season ticket came out in 2011 they ‘couldn’t be arsed’ going to home or away league games.

I agree with some of what you’re saying but cant agree that the GAA haven’t facilitated tickets for genuine fans.


Out of interest . How was the season ticket advertised at the time when it came out ?
I only heard about it after the '11 final .


The season ticket came out in 2009 and was advertised in national papers etc


Didn’t realise it was 2009, even better again.

I got mine in 2011. So the scheme was open for 4/5 years before it closed to new members, if my memory is right. More than a reasonable timeframe for people to sign up in my opinion.


Ah right . Didn’t hear about it at the time . It was the brother who told me about it , but he heard about it from his Kilkenny mate who was a season ticket holder for the hurling .


My hill ticket came to me from mayo (elderly man who wanted to swap for a stand) which itself came from a tipp club who straight told me to my face they got no tickets.


Exactly, the season ticket option was available and not fully subscribed for a few years. I got mine at the start of the 2011 season too. On top of that the Parnell pass didn’t become a sell out until about 2015, perhaps even 2016. Up to then there was a scramble to buy up the last few Parnell passes after the semi-final each year, simply because they guaranteed a ticket for the final.


There’s an obvious correlation between the uptake in people buying the season ticket after 11 though . Getting to an actual final before then seemed like it was just out of reach each year & it was more hope than anything. Thinking that a season ticket would get you an AI ticket wasn’t even on my mind at the time , even though I was going to enough games which would have entitled me to a ticket if I had a season ticket. At the time , I wasn’t thinking that the team might be in four finals after 11 but I certainly wasn’t going to miss out if we did get to another final . I don’t know why more people didn’t get them though after 11 . It saved so much hassle going forward.


I think the loudest I ever heard Croke Pk was actually a few minutes after the Dublin goal in ‘11, when McMenamin won the ball back after Keane slipped. For some reason that was louder I thought then the goal. But both were unreal, and actually did shake the stadium. But the crowd need to be proactive, not reactive.

I actually don’t think the super 8 is a money making thing. The GAA gives the vast majority of what it makes back to the clubs, it’s not a for profit organization, so has no reason to want to maximize profit. It is just trying to give the people what they want, which is more competitive games.

Although guessing what the people want is difficult. We were told they wanted more time fo
Club games, but now they have cleared
April for it, it seems everyone thinks it is stupid.


I really wish I could believe that …


I can’t be 100% sure but I reckon that the provincial champions in each group will square off in Croker on the 1st weekend, after that it’s anyone’s guess.


Yeah, as far as I know the provincial champions face each other the first weekend, after that i’d say a lot will depend on what teams are in each group. The likes of PUC or Semple stadium would easily cater for the crowds that Dublin or Mayo would bring in the super 8’s, whereas Salthill or Hyde park wouldn’t, so I’d imagine the deciding factor when the final 8 are known will be ground capacity and nothing else.