Dublin Senior Footballers 2018




Who do you reckon will come out on top in the Tipp v Tipp game?

Too late … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bollox, your too quick Dub09 but I reckon a draw


What a group that would be!

Mayo away would be something else in a huge championship game


Have noticed it too but i think unfortunately were are being spoiled watching some top class football played by a fantastic team, even some of league matches they win particularly with great comebacks is a thing we’ve grown accustomed to.

Look at the AI final last year it felt we were outnumber 3:1 by Mayo but maybe it was just how loud there fans were. Hunger makes it feel a lot different, when Kev Mac rattled the net v Kerry in 2011 the roar of Dublin fans made the stadium shake.

What a difference decade makes, sell out Leinster finals and pitch invasions when we beat Offaly, think we were just more easily pleased.

Find the away days supporters are far more vocal. Makes me pine for matches under lights in Parnell Park, there were some freezing nights and O’Byrne cup matches that had more vocal crowds.

I know some people think the Super 8’s are a money making racket but i dont care really looking forward to competitive championship action away from Croker the thoughts of Westmeath or Longford in Leinster doesn’t get the blood going like it did before.


No @Liamo … we were totally outnumbered …


Outnumbered by Mayo in every final we have played them. Not the replay or the semi-finals though I think.
Says alot about the pull they have getting final tickets, including of course other county transfers.


I agree and it’s possible the finalists could come from that group too, if they both win their semi’s against group 1. Think in the super 8s Dublin squad strength will be a major factor not matched anywhere else. Also the fact it won’t go into replays or extra time will hold one particular team that lead the chasing pack in s&c back.


Last September was the worst I ever saw with Dublin in a final. We probably get fcuk all transfers at this stage and poor ould Costello’s tongue is probably a deep shade of brown with little return.

We should stop them playing for our clubs … :wink:


Most vocal recent support was the Laois game in Nowlan park. 30 mins before throw in and a mile from stadium could hear the dubs singing, brilliant atmosphere and great craic. Think we will be bringing that to super8s away days.


The club house near by was great & very welcoming to the Dubs , provided great parking too .


Would be interesting to see which games would be played where in a group like that given all 3 would love a home game against us


Will capacity be taken into consideration or will it just be a straight draw to see who you play away. Thinking of scramble for tickets and the narrative around that might be a big downside.


Yes, and the poor old bar staff were run off their feet, serving all of the thirsty Dubs! I’d say bar takings in O’Loughlin Gaels were of record proportions that day!


There is a hell of a lot of Dubs who were nowhere near League final , that will be screaming for tickets if we make Final.
I said it last year , the people I feel sorry for are people who go to every game but were too late for season ticket and are frozen out when Final arrives. Also Club people who give up their weekends promoting the game and coching and come final are waiting for the lottery draw from their clubs for a ticket.
. While there is a problem with the allocation Mayo got. Its the allocation of tickets in general that wrong.


Agreed. I don’t see the point in sending thousands of tickets to non-participating counties when invariably they end up being given back to one of them (Mayo).


Alot of newcherals would have gone along in Mayo gear too. Just like with Donegal in 92 when everyone South of the Markets area and west of Benburb St was wearing gold and green that day.


I would have no problem with non participating counties getting tickets, because if not the vast majority of GAA people would never get the chance to go to a final, but, although I accept it is difficult to do, there should be some way to guarantee that the recipient actually goes and that the ticket is not sent on to someone else or used for a draw.


But sure you’ve all these oul lads from Leitrim and Cavan who haven’t missed a final for 30 years … and it’s probably their only day in Croker every year. How is that fair?


Every granny, child and aunt from Mayo got tickets for last years final .They got tickets en masse and none were sent to Dublin

In Dublin, nearly all kids who’d be massive supporter and club affiliated have no hope of getting to the final especially when we play mayo