Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Yes remember it well-traffic was brutal-was there trouble on the train home that did not reflect well on us? what year was it?


Guy beside him is a ringer for Eoghan Harris


Think the trouble on the train occurred after we had played Wexford in Wexford Park. Not sure what year it was. Possibly 93.


Is it not Georgie Burgess?? A very young Jim Roche in the foreground too!

  1. 11-7 to the dubs. Fan fell thru the roof of the Dublin dressing room at half time. Rumor has it was dub09 after too many sambos.


Prawn sambas and pims, cos that’s what they sip in Dub09 world!


I never drank that bloody stuff after that eight pint Pimms binge in Monaco a few years back. It was all I could do to stay aboard that bloody yacht. I knew there was something not quite right at £350 a pint.


Stay outta Temple Bar then.


Actually it was a friend of a friend of mine fell thru roof of Wexford dressing room before that match as Wexford team were doing their final talk before heading out.

The lad involved was from well known club in Tallaght let’s say. As he landed in middke of Wexford players his pal leaned in thru the hole in the roof and warned the Wexford players he would batter them if they touched his pal :grinning: Your man got up off the floor dusted himself down and headed out the dressing room door to meet s very surprised Paul Curran who was heading out onto the pitch with the Dublin team :grinning:


Great story - knew someone fell thru a roof somewhere at that game


What dates are we out in -if we make it of course -in the super 8s?? Leinster final is 24 th june ,
Cant find dates for it anywhere.


Super 8s

Round 1: Phase 1 July 14/15 (all 4 games in Croke Park)

Round 2: Phase 2 July 21/22

Round 3: Phase 3 Aug 4/5/6



Cheers Dave


No worries horse, I wonder will Phase 1 in Croker be the 4 provincial champions squaring off against each other?


They will probably have to do a draw to see who plays who in what order , i can see us having a match in croker , PUC and omagh or clones .Giving us 2 matches in croker will lead to culchie meltdown, although how about a match in parnell.:grin::grin::grin:


We’re going to Páirc Ui Chaoimh if we draw Cork (you can guarantee it), it’s up to the Langers now to get their shit in order.


It’s Connacht and Leinster in 1 group +2 qualifiers. Munster and ulster +2 qualifiers in the other. AFAIK.


Group 2
Leinster champs
Ulster champs
Connaught runners up or team that beat them
Munster runner’s up or team that beat them
Group 1
Munster winners
Connaught winners
Leinster runners up or team thst beat them
Ulster runner’s up or team that beats them




Group 2