Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Yeah I think it was said in the posted clip 1917 .


True, the atmosphere that day was brilliant, more like a carnival than a football semi final, and the amount of blue and yellow flags all over the ground was unreal,and unusual for a big football game then too which added to the occasion.


And Clare were warmly welcomed by Dublin fans, having beaten Kerry.


Always easy to welcome cannon fodder …


My main memory of that Clare game was the joke doing the rounds. ‘What’s the difference between the Clare footballers and Neil Diamond? Neil Diamond got to play in Croke Park twice’


Just on that, in recent years I have found the Dublin crowd to be shockingly muted. Even at the league final the only time they raised a bit of noise was when we went three up in the second half. If we are behind or struggling, there is near silence.


It was more than that though, it was one of those unique one-off occasions that are few and far between. And we were put to the pin of our collar to win it. Which ultimately was a good indication of where we were at going into the final. That semi-final occasion was what inter county gaa had all too rarely been about and is a standout occasion memory for me, enhanced by a very éxciting game.


I think that may have something to do with our current style of play, especially against massed defences. There’s lots of crossfield handpassing, patiently probing for an opening. I understand why they do it, but it doesn’t make for the most exciting spectacle.


Crowds get excited at melees, epic comebacks or if the outcome is in doubt till the whistle. Up to the semi final we generally wallop teams so not much to get excited there. Atmosphere at the mayo or Kerry games I find generally great .


The crowd on the Hill were brutal last Sunday week. When they were most needed there wasn’t a peep out if them. They only started singing when we were winning … as the saying goes.

Dunno why the team goes charging to the Hill with the Cups. They should just turn around and wave it to the likes of me in the Ard Comhairle. The real supporters.


My name last week= wasntonthehill18.I usually have a marching band knocking out the rare aul times and a few vuvuzelas going. Normal service resumes for championship. You be careful with the prawn sambos.


Kevin Costener - who at the time, believe it or not, was probably the biggest movie star in the world - was sitting on the sideline for the match. He was in town researching the Michael Collins movie he’d intended to make. Apparently the whole occasion blew his mind!


I remember that now . Photos of him in the paper with some blonde one(Cindy who used to play for Westmeath perhaps- remember him!) sitting in the hogan.


The fountain of knowledge here never ceases to amaze me :laughing: , never knew that .


Remember him getting dreadful slagging against us in a championship game in Tullamore. Wolf whistles every time he got the ball. Decent footballer though. I think I remember reading that he lost an eye, or the sight of one eye in an accident a few years later.


Kevin Costner?



He obviously viewed Croker as his Field of Dreams.


Or a waterworld for the Kerry’s and mayos of this world! :grin:


Yeah that was 93 I think. Heard that about the eye too poor sod.